Monday, April 26, 2010

3-day B~day!?

I don't know where it started or why but
hubby always talks about a
3 day B~day!?

Did he get adored for 3 days when he was young?
Did he WANT to be adored for 3 days?
Did he drink for 3 days as he got older?
Did it take 3 days to recover?

Did it just sound like a cute little rhyme?
I will ask him another day and find out.
For now we are on day 2!

I read on a blog about a family who surprises
the birthday child with a room wrap.

I tried it out with Owen last night.

So after he went to sleep last night
{and I was SuRe he was asleep}
I wrapped or tp'd his room w/ streamers.

{then I had to shut his door
b/c the cats were freakin' out}

{Then, I was totally nervous that some how
he would wake up during the night
freak out and scream
I wouldn't hear him
he would be strangled by streamers
and you get the picture
not a good b-day

Whew! Thankfully none of that happened!

Instead this did.............

I think he loved it!

Then he opened his "Monday" present.
One of his gifts from grandma and grandpa..
He loved it!

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Marie and her life said...

LOVE IT! you are such a good mom!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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