Friday, March 5, 2010


"When frustrations develop into problems to stress you out,
the best way to cope is to stop, catch your breath,
and do some thing nice for yourself, not out of
selfishness, but out of wisdom."~unknown.

Well, after yesterday's post
and release of emotions
I opted out of my regular routine.

I ran my errands and stopped at Holiday.
Yes, the gas station....
and I did some thing nice for myself. ;-)
I bought a banana flavored cappuccino...
its their flavor of the month or some thing.
Any way, it was wonderful!
(actually yummy)

And you know what?
As I drove around drinking it and feeling the sun on my
face I started to feel better...
That's the way it works with me and my head.
(no, I am not fixed...who is?)
but I do have more "get up and go" today.
And I will need it.

I have a dental appointment later today.
Usually they are no big deal but I have a feeling this one will be different.
I have had some pain, some sensations, some major discomfort
in a tooth that has given me trouble in the past.
Are we talking root canal? Oh, I hope not!
I would just have them pull it and be done...but that is classic ME.
The quick solution...the instant fix.
Sometimes things have to be dealt with slower and with
some pain medication...and eventually it will be fine.
am I still talking teeth or my head?

Happy Weekend!

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