Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

It's official...... the kids are off of school for a week....its Spring Break!

Some families take this week to fly to Mexico, Florida, or take family cruises. They come back tan, full of stories, and exhausted ~ actually needing a vacation to rest after their vacation. What are we doing? We {the kids and I} are heading NORTH no hot weather for us, no ships so big we would need our cell phones to keep in contact with one another, no wishing I had taken that Spanish course so I would be better able to communicate to every one. ;-(

NORTH ~ it doesn't involve sunscreen this time of year ~ no swim suits ~ no under water snorkeling. WHAT it does involve is a lot of lounging, cousins screaming/playing, a visit to the local pet store *that yes, we do every time we visit to see what new animals are for sale*, sleeping over at different houses with different cousins and lots of hugging and petting {the cats and dogs at Camp Fagerlie...did you think we petted our relatives? HA!} The kids can't wait!!

We will be there for 3 days and then home for a day before staying at a local hotel for a night to swim and "get away". Hey! Even an hour away at a hotel can make you forget about the dust and dishes for awhile. ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

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The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Have a great time!!!! We have nothing really planned!! I am back to work on Monday!! Hope I get to enjoy a few days of the wonderful weather!!

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