Friday, March 12, 2010


Not for the 50% of heart.
That's me...about 50% into this exercise thing....
I was hopeful
I was excited
I am already admitting my defeat!

So when a fellow co-worker mentioned she was going to buy the P90X Stuff I was all over it. Seriously, I have seen the infomercials, I have seen the before and after photos, and I have heard testimony galore on QVC (my fashion bible...ha!) I thought I was up to the challenge this would be my turning point and kick start I needed!!

She order it!
We waited......

The order arrived!
She came to work all excited about what she had read.
I picked up the packet last night and read it over this morning......
I am not as excited.
I am Over whelmed.....with a capital "O"!

So many plans, foods, exercises, tips, hints, and full-time dedication!
My hubby will be the first to tell you I have been looking for "some thing" to get passionate about. A new hobby. A skill. SOMETHING!!!
I do not have the time and energy to make P90X my "thang" my passion!

So I text my friend this morning...yes, too embarrassed to actually call her and fear her trying to talk me into it...I am admitting defeat. (Although is it really defeat if I didn't even try it? ;-) I guess than ~ I am admitting ~ I don't want to try it b/c I don't have the energy, dedication and time for the whole P90X series that I see it involves.

So I congratulate all you P90X people...way to go!
You are the exercise guru's that I will never be
I am OK with that!

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