Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't get it!!

The sun is out
The temps are nice
(why does there always have to be a but?)
the past few days I have felt like this:

"Under the weather?"
"Bogged down?"
"Caught in a maze and can't figure the way out?"

No, I am not sick...
no cough,
no runny nose,
no fever,

It's just me...
inside me
how I feel...
I don't like it...

Things are so out of our control some times...

I am truly trying to do every thing right..
I am eating my fruits and veggies,
I am mixing a lot of whole grain into my diet,
I am sitting by my sun light

enjoying the sunshine through the windows
(I have fallen off the exercise train..ugh I suppose that's it)

I seriously think some people's genes, hormonal balance/imbalance,
or brain waves are just different.
Just as a child can be born with Autism or be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD,
or develop an allergy to milk, or to a dog or cat,
we don't really know how or why their DNA went together the
way it did and its not our job to judge.

It's our job to figure out how to help that child get through their condition in the best possible way. Yes, it may be as simple as avoiding milk and animals or as hard as
trying different drugs to see which "balances" out ones behavior-mood-thoughts-and actions.


I want to feel like this:

Actually...I am feeling better as I write...
Is it the cry that helped?
The release of the emotions?
What ever
I am ready to tackle my day a little bit more now.

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