Monday, March 8, 2010

I am not a fan of exercise.

Duh! I am sure any one who knows me knows that about me.

Sure, I like the way I feel afterward. I actually kind of enjoy it know when the sweat starts to drip, the heart starts pumping, Low Day by Capra is playing on my Ipod, and I can barely say "Hi" to the familiar faces that pass me!....It does sound great doesn't it? So why haven't I moved my butt in about 3 weeks?

Is it the lack of candy in my body since our family has given up candy for lent?

Is it that our daughter moved to the basement bedroom and now its not as easy to get up at 5 AM to go downstairs and exercise because I do not want to wake her up?

Or is it that I feel I have been putting the house and clutter on the back burner and making my exercise a priority? I know, I know exercise is very important to our health and heart but not when its making me a little crazy inside when I see what else isn't getting down around me.

How do the exercise nazi's do it?

Are their closets over flowing with clutter but they don't care? I just don't love exercise that much to put off cleaning my bathrooms any longer. (although I haven't cleaned my bathrooms yet today...but I will "getter done" sooner or later ;-)

So instead of rushing to the Y to exercise and then rushing home to shower (b/c I don't want to shower with everyone else at the Y...ok?!) and then rushing to eat lunch and rushing to straighten up the kitchen or laundry and OH....don't forget the blog! Yes, rushing to read all the blogs I love to read ( maybe that could be omitted so I could clean but I NEED TO CATCH UP on everyone's lives ;-) And lately I have been rushing to clean up after our lovely cat ~Jackie~ she is shedding....she is licking herself....thus, she is upchucking hairballs every where! I am beginning to see why dogs really are woman's best least they keep their business outside the house. Before you know it the day is over, the kids are home, I haven't really cleaned a thing, I haven't de~cluttered the closets, and I have no idea what is for supper.

Guess what kids, "We're having pancakes ........again!"

I took today to jump start my cleaning. I am still in my pajamas. I even ran Rosie to get her haircut in them and to Target to return a curtain ****thank goodness I didn't see any one I knew***.

However, next time you see me I may look a bit more "plump", "round~er" or "jiggly"....just know my bathrooms are clean and my closets look great...and I am OK with that!

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