Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you remember this guy?

Danny Gokey!!
(He was 3rd last year on American Idol)

If you watch American Idol then you know he sang Thursday night during their elimination round. He said he was starting his tour right after and he didn't waste any time. He headed straight to Minnesota and the Mall of America!

We heard from a local radio station that he was going to be at the MOA singing, signing autographs, and promoting his latest (or maybe first? ;) CD Friday night from 6 - 8PM. We were kind of excited. A free! We got there around 4:30...plenty of time. We bought a CD but decided not to wait in line for an autograph. I am not big into getting celebrity signature's seriously...what is it all about? I don't plan on selling it, I don't plan on framing it, actually I may just lose it or ruin it and then I would feel awful because of it so I just don't even worry about it.

We found a spot on the 2nd level to sit and wait and that is exactly what we did. Nicole and Makenzie went in a few shops while Owen and I kept our spot. Owen was not too thrilled about this scenario..."What? We are waiting here for an hour? No Lego land? No toy shops?
Can I at least get a cookie or drink?
When is dad getting here?"

Finally dad came...the girls were back...we bought some cookies...and the "Best Buy" rotunda was getting packed. It was perfect for people watching and relaxing. Soon the band came out to warm up and some girls started chanting "Danny, Danny, Danny!" (Settle down girls....he's just a guy who need to get too excited ...remember we are at a MALL.)

It's now after 6 PM...
the natives were getting restless...
But, that him?
Yes, it is!

He was great...I listened to 2 songs and gave in to Owen's whining. We went to Lego land with Makenzie and Nicole and hubby stayed with Danny for another 25 minutes or so.
He was good, it was fun, and we are enjoying his CD.
Another family fun night accomplished.

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otin said...

Remember me?? LOL

He had a very sad story on Idol, as I remember. I rooted for him pretty good.

Hope that you have been okay?

How have you been spending your time???

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