Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did you know?

It's the last day of March! {where did that month go?}

The weather is beautiful!

We made it up NORTH and back without any, the lake is opening up in A LOT of areas ....sure sign of spring/summer!!! YEA!!

Nicole is kind of sick...some "bound" ...Consti...what?...issue. Not sure the cause but she will be better soon.

We are going to a hotel tomorrow night!! Why? WHY NOT!! Alone? No, with the whole family. FUN? You bet it will be!

The TWINS HOME OPENER **oops I mean Exhibition game** is on Friday...yes, this Friday at 5 PM...hubby and I are going...yes, there is a chance of rain...WHO CARES though...its out door baseball people! ;-)

EASTER is on Sunday....its not about the bunnies, egg hunts, little chicks, CaNdY or the cutest dress you can buy.....It's all about Christ!

He has RiSeN indeed

Enjoy your day!

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Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Hi "neighbor." Oh, how I love Minnesota. I'm an Iowa girl.... So we are practically neighbors, yes???

We're headed to Minneapolis this Easter weekend to visit family. No matter where we are, there we find the Risen Christ.

Have a blessed Easter, dear one.

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