Thursday, March 11, 2010

change of plans..

I was so looking forward to today! Even though it's raining (I don't mind) its washing away a lot of dirt and sand and making the snow melt even faster. ;-) And....I heard thunder! To me nothing says SPRING like a good ol' thunderstorm! Luvvvvv it!!

Today is (was) my Bible Study day. I missed last week b/c of a certain "head" condition. *if you remember my post last week you will know what I mean by "head"* Our Bible Study is called, "Jesus the One and Only" and we are following the book of Luke and mixing in some verses from other books such as Matthew, Mark, 1Peter, Romans...the list could go on and on........ This week was specifically Luke 22. It's so interesting how Beth Moore can find the "little stuff" with in a verse and pick it apart in a way I would never think to. (granted this is my first time really reading the bible ...sure I have heard certain stories here and there ...but I have never really read the bible until now.) What's funny is that I have always wanted to read the bible. So now that I "kind of have my feet wet" I think I may continue. ***Oops! I am getting way off track***

Back to the change of plans....

Owen woke up!

He walked into the kitchen and had "pink eye" written all over his face (OK was obvious by his red, matted, runny eye .. not face ...but you get the idea?) He has had a cold and stuffy nose for a few days now and today he gets pink eye. (Which has been confirmed by our local CVS pharmacy and he is taking his eye drops)

HOWEVER, NOT ONLY WAS IT BIBLE STUDY DAY but I was also going out to LUNCH with a friend from Bible Study. Double whammy!! I had to cancel both...attending my study and lunch. *yes, I reschedule the lunch outing in case you were wondering...ha!*

So, once Owen and I got back from CVS I asked him what he would like to do. He, of course, said, "Wii!" (I told him kids with pink eye can't play Wii or Nintendo b/c its too straining on the eye....HA! He bought it! It was just a little lie...I think I will be forgiven...ha!) So then he said, "Let's make cookies" which means....since you have pink eye and shouldn't touch any thing.....I will make cookies and you can read to me while they are baking. ;-) Ahhhh.....

That's what we did ....the change of plans turned out to be OK after all.....I got a nice day with the boy, he got cookies (yes....I had cookies too), I did some laundry and read some blogs (multi-tasking with the best of them) he got a nap and all day long we heard raindrops falling on our house with a few thunder claps mixed in....not a bad day for a quick change of plans.

Happy March!


mBa said...

Thanks for letting me know where to find you! :) I updated your address on the link on our blog!

mBa said...

Forgot....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic on your blog! So ready for summer!

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