Monday, March 15, 2010

64 degrees and a NEW record!

Wasn't yesterday lovely?!

When I heard it reached 64 degrees and broke the old record of 62 set back in 1990 I knew it had been a great day!

(I mean it would have still been a great day if it only reached 63 or even 62 degrees but 64 felt lovely!)

We cleaned out the garage, the kids got their bikes out of the shed, I vacuumed out the van, hubby washed his car and the kids made a total mud mess out of parts of our back yard. UGH! Not too thrilled with that I must say. The circle where we put our pool was just begging for kids to dig in, stomp through, and mud up. When they were told to stop the "fun" they hung their heads and claimed they could "Think of NOTHING else to do and now I had RUINED their day!!" Oh, the troubled child. Do you think we felt sorry for them? NO WAY! So what did they do next......... they went to the swing set and continued to make mud pies under the swings they sat on. At what age do they learn? When we say, "Don't play in the mud it means EVERY WHERE not JUST in the spot they were told not to play in!!"

Finally, they were back on their bikes and I made a trip to Menards. ;-)

The SPRING cleaning and gardening was in the air. People were every where buying brooms, rakes, garden supplies and looking at patio chairs, umbrellas, and rockers. Talk about a spirit lifting day for a Minnesotan huh?! We sooooo needed it after the clouds and fog we had been under lately.

Today is suppose to be another nice one. I know I am going to take a walk later....hope you get out and enjoy it too!

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