Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I learned from my daughter...

Taking self portraits is hilarious.
Trying to duplicate her
poses were harder than I

The pictures are meant to show
you all my dark hair.
they are so much more
they also
show how
crazed I am

Really I did not come up with these
poses on my own.
Now scroll down and look at
Kenzie's pictures again.
I think you should see some resemblance

Can't you just hear me yelling
"Go Twins!"


otin said...

The dark hair looks good! I am glad that you had me scroll down, I might have doubted your sanity! haha!

Brian Miller said...

lol. love the hair...looks very nice! and mimicing her poses...hilarious!

Matty said...

I must be lost, because I scrolled down and don't see any such pictures.

But at any rate, your sense of humor sure does show. A great quality for a mom.


Julie said...

Hair looks good, hard to believe it's you! Big day for you coming up soon ~ Mom and Dad are looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend! Enjoy the week!

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