Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Orange updates

What did you do over the weekend?
(besides watch the Superbowl that is)

This is a bit of what we did...

* he took the kiddos shopping for my birthday
* played Wii with Owen
* went skiing with the girls on Sunday
* fell while skiing with the girls on Sunday ;-)


* had some girlfriends over Friday night and I took them to watch their middle school classmates perform the play ANNIE. (It was a lot of fun for ALL of us)
* did some home work and played some Wii
* enjoyed skiing with Dad and Kenzie on Sunday
* did not fall while skiing ;-)


* watched ANNIE with all of us and another girlfriend too
* made up a list Friday night of what she likes about her life and what she dislikes (eating Reese's peanut butter cups was on the "like" list and phy ed was on the "dislike" list to give you an idea)
* enjoyed skiing with Dad and Coley
* did not fall while skiing ;-)


* Played Wii
* Played Wii
* thought about Wii while shopping on Saturday
* went to a friends house and they PLAYED Wii
* watched the Superbowl with ME while Dad and the girls skied

This is a card Owen made for hubby.
He put it in his Valentine's mailbox one morning.


* enjoyed a relaxing Saturday afternoon while the Team was out shopping
* enjoyed watching Grease with the Team Saturday night (I forgot to mention that earlier)
* enjoyed ANNIE with the girls Friday night
* went out to lunch with some neighbor gals Sunday
* watched the Superbowl w/ Owen until the gang got home from skiing
(what a great weekend it was!)

So today it is
snowing...A LOT! I went out and shoveled for about 45 minutes. It's light and fluffy so its not that bad except for the fact that....we are a corner lot and we get the majority of everyone's snow in our driveway when the plow rounds the corner. That wasn't fun. I pretty much pushed it further up the road so when the plow comes again hopefully he will pick it up and take it up the road with him. ;-)

Here is a photo of some snow coming down.
And a photo of the heart on our door...

And because I want to leave you smiling .............


(Yes, that is what my hair looks like
after being snowed on for 45 minutes
and NO, I am not smiling!)
Are you?


Julie said...

OMG! Yes, I was certainly smiling when I saw the hair pic! I'm glad you have time to blog so I can be entertained and get some good laughs every once in a while!

Brian Miller said...

teehee...the pic. sounds like a good weekend. more snow here tonight...boys have been out of school 9 out of the last 10 days...need a break. smiles.

Matty said...

I'm wondering if you used the "Who Dat" on purpose because the Saints won, or if it's just a coincidence.

KJ said...

Brian...9 out of 10 days..that's insane!

Yes, was on purpose! We were excited that the Saints won! ;-)

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