Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Mickey!!

I am trying to post every day until
February 14th
I want to spread some love to you all

So today's last minute post is a blast from my past

Did you notice I put some new songs on the blog?

Most have some connection to LOVE....

(some are more obvious than others)

Then there is the song Mickey

Mickey is MY Karaoke song!

I cannot sing a tune..unless being out of tune is a tune.

Mickey is more of a "talking" song than singing song.

And by midnight (when I sign up to sing/talk)
the customers have usually had a few drinks
maybe even a
few drinks too many.
They don't really hear my out of tune voice but they
do hear the beat of the song
and they see
my ever so energetic and happy face!!!
next time you hear Mickey playing think of me
singing Karaoke
Oh the laughs you will laugh!

Better yet.....
next time you are some where and they have Karaoke
sign up to sing Mickey by Toni Basil
take it from me .....
its a crowd favorite.

sMiLe ;)


Matty said...

Ohhhhh Lucyyyyyy......I'm hooooome.

Brian Miller said...

great song...karaoke huh...been a few years since i dared...

Anonymous said...

I think you're talking about the
Shorewood Pub preformance... Wish I would have been there but my son wouldn't let me go... D.L. Rocks

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