Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Valentine garland

So what did I do during the day long snow storm?
cleaned the house
searched for cheap air fare out of state ;-)
and finally took down some of my Christmas photo cards.

I took the "family" cards
added a couple of last years
Valentine's cards that I still had

and WaLa.......
a little garland of love.


here is one side..

the other side....

and the whole string across the mantle.

(In case my sisters are checking out the other stuff on the mantle...
Yes, the cans are just that....soup cans.)

I spray painted the edges with black paint
and tied some burlap around the middle
threw in a few rocks added a candle and
A candle holder.



Brian Miller said...

very nice...a garland of love...i like that.

Julie said...

You go girl, very crafty! I see the Erickson boys made the family garland ~ great family to add to the bunch!

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