Friday, February 19, 2010

happy birthday sis!

today its her birthday
she's seven years young
so today she must be 34!!!
(since i just turned 41)

she has three adorable kids
a great husband too
she's a stay at home mom
he works for the brown crew

i am sure she will be pampered today
relaxing with her feet up.
no laundry, no dishes
no "get me milk in my cup"

we need you......
megan missed the toilet seat"

"it's MY birthday...
where's your dad
my favorite show is on"
sorry mom,
dad's downstairs
in the other john

well sis I hope you get
the adoration you deserve
to your birthday
and to another year!


Brian Miller said...

hope your sis has a very happy birthday!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Happy Birthday to you sis!! I love February Birthdays! hahahaha

mBa said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Matty said...

Nice tribute poem. Happy Birthday to sis.

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