Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My high school girlfriend is celebrating her 41st b-day today! She just had her fourth child on Jan. 12th...a be added to her family of 3 boys + hubby. Talk about a wonderful "early" birthday present. (Although very glad it is her and not me having the 4th!) Anyway, as I thought about high school again I had many funny flashbacks. Some involved hair styles, clothing, and the weekend of high school hockey tournaments in the Twin Cities. (A weekend of fun, craziness and no adults while staying in a hotel with a bunch of friends...what else could a high school kid want?)

I started to look back at some "older" pics
I have saved on my computer...some are just too cute.
Here are a few that I like.

Nicole with some Christmas horses.

Kenzie and Lauren at a school "fun night"

Owen cozied up with his blankie, animals, and his big fish
I don't remember but I am pretty sure he is
waiting for us to start a movie for him.

Nicole swinging on a tire "horse" swing.

Owen and the Bakke Babies.
Everything about Owen involves a hand control right now.
Whether its Wii, PS2, or Nintendo we
have become part of the gaming society.
When I saw this pic it so reminded me of the simpler time
when he thought a box was all he needed to be happy.

Besides what could be better than playing in a box
with 2 little girls that he could push out now and then?
HA! Joking..only joking...he never did that.

Kenzie with Kate...
I loved their matching colored outfits!

(tomorrow's the big day!)


Matty said...

Ah yes, children. I had three who although were a joy and pleasure (mixed in with the "losing my hair" moments), was quite enough. But of course to each their own. When it comes to children, some say 'the more the merrier'.

Your children look like gems, and have your hair color.

Anonymous said...

Those are just such lovely pictures!!!!!! LOVED THEM!!!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful pics!

How have you been spending your time???

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