Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Fun Night

This was probably our 5th? 6th?
"family fun night" we have attended
It was very crazy!!
A lot of

Which made for a very warm ....actually hot...evening.
It was fun but I am glad its over.
I am not sure whether there will be another "family fun night" for our family I kind of prefer the "FORCED family fun adventures" we take the kids on during the summer. (The kind where they would rather stay home and swim in the pool or hang with neighbor kids) but are forced to pack in the van with the whole family for a day of
"Whatever mom and dad say goes" .....
NO Complaining!
NO Whining!
get along!
They may sound like bad outings but by the time we get home everyone has had a great day of "FORCED FAMILY FUN"
some times they can be our best summer memories.

Here is a pic of Kenzie (in purple top)
and her friend Lauren (in stripes) dancing
to a song last night.

When I asked Owen to take a picture with the girls
he wasn't too thrilled.
So I told him he HAD too...
this was his reaction.

Kenzie and Lauren

Family fun is done!


Brian Miller said...

sounds like you had fun...nice playlist as well...had it up in the background for a bit...

Julie said...

ok, I finally got a chance to check out the blog and I think you missed your nephew's b-day wish on the 20th! I'm sure you will send him a late birthday greeting soon on the blog.....

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!

Bonnie Gray said...

Hi KJ,

I see that I'm in your blogroll and I wanted to stop by to say hello and thank you for that honor.

I just posted my 100th Faith Barista post & doing a giveaway. Esp. for friends like you, I hope you'll stop by to enter .. and possibly win. :)

Your family is BEAUTIFUL -- and so are you! What energy!

I have two boys under 4 and I'm lucky to get food on the table. ;)

Bonnie from Faith Barista

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