Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank you , Thank you , Thank you


1. The WEATHER GODS (or would that just be God?) for giving us a beautiful night here last night so that we could be outside for over 6 hours!!! (8 hours for the girls!!)

2. Uncle Dave and Kathi! For having Owen over night so hubby and I could have a night with the girls. (And Owen would have chose Uncle Dave over a night with us I am sure!! Clone troopers fighting Army men on top of a mountain surrounded by a real train track going through actual holes blasted through the walls of his basement. It is the ultimate play date for a 6 year old boy and his uncle!!)

3. Our good friend Dave who got us a "buddy pass" at Buck Hill so it made our night of fun very reasonable in the money department.

4. Buck Hill! What a great night of skiing we had!

5. My body I must thank you. You did not let me down! Legs, ankles, thighs, and calves you kept me upright all night (except for the one minor fall) ;-) You stayed inside my skin, you didn't break, and you reminded me that skiing is a little like riding a bike. Although, it had been 30 years since I last skied I could still do it!! YEA!!

6. Coley and Kenzie who tolerated the first 30 minutes of me whining and struggling. OK...remember it had been 30 years. Its not like it came back to me immediately. I tend to get a little loud when nervous, embarrassed, and giddy...I was all 3 at first .....where was my camera??? Oh, the pictures would have been hilarious.

7. Hubby. Gawd what a riot!! OK..I was being a little loud. Like announcing to all around me ..."I haven't skied since 5th grade" "Make way for the beginner!" however, hubby took the quiet approach. He water skies so I figured he would have no problem. (He hadn't snow skied since 9th grade he thought)
Well, as I am loud and making a small scene around
me going up the beginner "magic carpet"
(a little moving tram that you walk on with your
skies on and it moves you up the beginner hill)
keeping my balance forward so I don't fall...
I made it on...I didn't fall......and now it stops????

Well, a few minutes pass and we move again, I am at the top and the skies just slide off the end onto the snow so we can get ourselves ready to "snow plow" down. I wait for the girls and hubby to get off too and hubby says:
"How about that for starters?"
I agree it went OK.
He says, "What about my fall!"
"Yea, why do you think the carpet stopped? I fell as soon as I got on!
I couldn't get up! The boy had to stop the carpet and help me up!!"
You should have turned around and seen it!


(I couldn't stop laughing!) If I had seen him on the beginner tram fall I think I would have pee'd my pants! This is the hill for 4 year olds...seriously....we only did it once b/c it was a joke but so worth the laugh!

And we laughed even more.....

By the end of the night we were sore.
Coley got plowed down by a boy who was a beginner
(probably about 20 years old).
Her back hurts today but nothing broken.
I tried to do this tow rope thing.
They said just grab on and it will pull you up.
Well, I missed the first bar and the second bar hit me in the thigh
so the third bar I finally grabbed on and it worked.
(That second bar left a black and blue mark
on my thigh today to remind me .....
it may not always work out the first or second time but keep trying!)
So glad I did!!!!
Hubby fell again.....
off the chair lift
and again off the chair lift
and again while making a turn
by the end he was swishing back and forth with no issues.
(You would never have known his night didn't start out so easy...ha! HA! ;)

We cannot wait to go again.
Next time we are going to give Owen lessons and have us all out there!
Oh the laughs we will laugh!


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

FUN!!! I was going to take the girls skiing yesterday! Changed my mind as I was not ready to brave the slopes after 10 years! You now have me motivated!!

otin said...

That is a good kind of sore when you get up the next day after skiing!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone had a great time. We're with you guys next time. kathy E.

Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you had a blast. agree with otin...that is the good kinda sore.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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