Monday, January 11, 2010

Swimming Beauties!

I added a new pic for viewing pleasure, chuckles, smiles, and memories.

The picture helped me remember WARMTH.

Even though they are inside swimming in this photo it definitely releases a sign of summer!!

And memories...I am reminded of a line from the movie hubby and I just saw over the weekend from George Clooney's character. He gave lectures about "filling your backpack".

Picture this:
You have a back pack.
You fill it with all your possessions that mean some thing to you....
wedding albums
a favorite plate, frame, vase etc...
a necklace, some rings, earrings,
a lamp
home made stuff from your kids
the back pack is getting heavy now...........

Do you have a favorite blanket or pillow you take with you where ever you go?
A water bottle? (I take one almost every where)
your lap top
cell phone
bigger stuff?
Will it all fit?

What if he set the back pack on fire?
What would you grab out?
What is really necessary?

This was good.
It really made me think of every thing we tend to hold on to (tangible objects that is).
Our MAIN memories are in our minds. They can never be lost.....burned....misplaced....(sure we get older and the memories start to fade a little or specifics don't seem so perfect any more)
However, we had them......we enjoyed them....we made them.
We can change our thoughts and feelings toward the StUfF that doesn't really MAtTeR or the things we might let go in a fire.

So BE the swimming beauty you want to BE and make your own memory for your mind!

**on that note I am going to enjoy my Diet Coke and lunch** ;-)

**my telling you that part of the movie won't ruin any thing for you if you haven't seen it yet**


Brian Miller said...

nice. love the back pack analogy...what would i save from the fire...something to think about...

Anonymous said...

Aw, they simply look adorable!

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