Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry no pictures

good afternoon!!

after another long night of hives, itching,
and the sort we (owen) made it through.
we are giving him benadryl every 6 hours some times 5 hours
b/c he can't stand the itch and the welts just seem to
get worse in that extra hour.

the doctor did stress over dosing.
do not do it!!
obviously, i wouldn't do it on purpose but when he seems
so miserable we do tend to give in and give him the
dose before the 6 hours.
(he is getting the largest dose for his age/weight right now)

the nurse called and checked on him about an hour ago.
i guess the "flare up" is normal while the steroids are doing there job.
funny.....they always stress if he can't breathe
or develops a high fever
call 911 or go to the er immediately!!!
Don't worry .... i will!!!!

so we continue to watch him..
drug him...
and try to keep him
from becoming bored. ;-)

the doctor said not to put "extra stress" on him
he's 6 what is extra stress to a 6 yr. old?
she also said not to get him "over heated"....
(stress and being over heated can cause the hives
to flare up on their own)
sorry wii for the about getting over heated!!!
his face turns red, he jumps up and down, he gets loud....
yes, he gets into his wii playing.
no wii for the weekend.


(I tried to get some pics for the DL'rs...sorry the hives/welts didn't
photograph well and he did not want his face photographed)
you will just have to use your imagination.


otin said...

For some reason or another, I missed your last two posts and I feel really bad. Not because I missed a few posts but because the posts that I missed were ones where you needed some moral support. I am very sorry for my absence.

What is causing the hives? I will go read what I missed. I hope that he is doing okay right now? I know that you must be very upset. ((Hugs))

otin said...

I read the other posts. You must have been scared to death, as was he.

I hope that they figure it all out.

Matty said...

Gosh, and at that age he doesn't understand the rules for getting better. At least he has doting and concerned parents. Wish him the best.

Julie said...

I think Owen needs to come to Camp Fagerlie and hang out with his stress free cousins! Just lots of TV, movies, and of course Star Wars going on here today. The boys did have hockey this morning but the arena closed shortly after and the rest of the games have been cancelled for the day. Dana is busy at work painting his new office. The boys have a birthday party at 5 so were hoping to go out for dinner. Hang in there!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like he acts sick like mine...cole's temp has gone down and he is hyper but he'll be asleep before too long. hoping it all goes away and gets well soon.

KJ said...

Thanks guys for all the well wishes towards's about 4:30 PM here now and he is getting "irritable"..(side effect of steroids) along with his increased appetite...there goes his 6-pack abs. HA! But, we take it all as a good sign that some thing inside of him is working...til tomorrow.


mBa said...

Hope Owen is better soon!

How have you been spending your time???

 We were in Iowa recently with our swimmer dude and a few of his swimmer friends.  This Hawkeye happen to be hanging around the pool so ...