Sunday, January 10, 2010

So what's on your calendar?

Yesterday our calendar said "Movie and Majors". (a.k.a. "Date Night"! or more appropriate "Date afternoon" ;)

We went to the 3:10 PM matinee of Up In The Air. It was good. (not great but good...I would recommend it if you want a simple movie with a simple gore, no blood, not too predictable etc...) Then, we went to Majors Sports Bar (b/c we had a gift cert. to use...yea!) I was hungry and let it be known I wasn't counting calories or looking at fat grams ;-) We each had a drink, macho nachos, and Thai chicken and chips. It was ALL great .....for the first couple of hours....

Then reality sunk body doesn't do well with strong alcohol (any thing other than beer) and spicy food!!! UGH!!! We left ... I felt OK....we got home....I felt AWFUL...I took some helped but not really....I took more TUMS (up to 7 or 8 now)....hubby says "I think there is a limit on how many you should take" .....OH??? Yes, it read....dosage: Do not take more than 10 in 24 hours. ....I am in trouble. Heartburn, Heartburn go Away....never come back no matter what the day!!

I finally got to sleep....I woke up at 12:32AM...I went down stairs...more heartburn...some gross stuff...more heartburn...finally at 1:34 AM I went back to sleep....when I woke up around 8:10 AM I felt better.

Moral of the story: I know ... I KNOW... spicy foods, pizza, any tomato based sauce etc...does not do well in my body. Large amounts of over indulgence does not mix well in my body. Finally...I know I will not be doing that again!!

We went to church and came home to a broken garage door opener. ($269 to be fixed today or $169 to be fixed tomorrow...we will wait)

Soon the girls have another ski lesson....a private lesson this time...they are so excited....especially Kenzie (that is so good to see)! (By the way the lesson was scheduled and paid for before the garage door thing happened...had it been the other way around they would not be having the lesson...see God has his way of doing things...I guess he wanted the girls to enjoy their lesson.)

That's about it...our calendar is busy with kid stuff again this week but I can't complain. I get to go out to dinner on Tuesday with one of my friends. Can you guess what I WON"T be ordering?!

Also they claim its going to hit 30 degrees by Wednesday!! Now if that isn't something to shout about I don't know what is!


Brian Miller said...

nice. we are supposed to hit 40s on wednesday! yippee! maybe. lol.

i love spicy food and the older i get the harder it is on me...but i just refuse to learn. smiles.

otin said...

I just ate some chili made with Habanero peppers! LOL

I am like Brian with the spicy food. I love it no matter how much it hates me!

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