Friday, January 22, 2010

Owen update...still babbling in front of doctors ;-)

Get we go again.....

(I forgot to mention on the other post that the nurse DID say (between my blubbering) to make sure and NOT give him any more Benadryl IF the hives do come back so that the doctor will be able to ananlyze the hives best)

Well at about 11:00 AM I noticed that Owen was itching his back. I checked him and yes the hives had returned. They were on his back...then they appeared on his tummy and within 30 minutes they started showing up on his face. First his chin, his neck, and around his eyes. By noon I had had enough. His right eye was about swollen shut and his left eye was heading in that direction. His back/chest was covered and his neck was crazy red. ****He was breathing fine ***poor boy got tired of me asking him every minute if he could swallow I am sure***Any way, I figured we could wait another 90 minutes here (his appt. was for 2 PM) or we could go now and wait in the waiting room clinic ...which happens to be right next to the hospital...I OPTED TO LEAVE RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

Obviously lunch time...the clinic was quiet...every one was on break. ;-)

The check in nurse looked at Owen and said "I will try to find some one to see him ASAP!"


After about 10 minutes another nurse called his name....she says, "I hear he has some hives" YES...........she looks at him..."OH, yes I see, lets get him to a room and get the doctor." OK! We get in a room..... ANOTHER nurse comes in......she says....."Your appt. is for 2 PM right?" Yes, but I figured I could either wait at home or here and I wanted to be closer to the doctors. (Owen is now and has been hiding under my coat b/c he said the bright light hurt his face) She says, "Owen can I see your hives?" He looks up at her. Her response, "OH, I WILL TRY TO GET THE DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY!!" Thanks

She comes back and says the doctor will be in in 5 minutes. (It's now 12:45 ish..pays to come in early I guess :)

She came in and was super calm and nice. She looked him over and her smooth reply was, "Boy, Owen you sure have an IMPRESSIVE case of hives!" I loved that. Once she checked him over she got him some Benadryl RIGHT AWAY. Then, we put cold, wet towels on his face to help him cool down a bit....his face was very red. His back was quite itchy.

She started to tell me the "plan of action" she said "He needs steroids" I lost it again! Yep, I was a crying...sniffling, babbling fool....I was a tad stressed....nervous, should have seen would have lost it too. :-) maybe? She kept talking...I guess the steroids will help get the immediate release that we need to get rid of the hives for good. (He will get 2 doses for 5 days....1 dose for 3 days....then 1 dose every other day for 3 more days) If he needs Benadryl in between that he can have that too. The first 24-48 hours are the "trickiest" when he starts taking the steroids in case he has any reaction to them...but he had his first dose in the doctors office and he is doing fine.

AFTER about 2 weeks....when he should be "back to normal" we have to make an appt. with the allergist and he will be tested to see what may be causing this reaction. We are not out of the woods yet but I feel better for now.

(Now I need some IBU because I have a headache from all this crying and emotional roller coaster I am on)


Anonymous said...

I thought you appeared very calm when I saw you today! Glad he is getting some relief, poor guy!


Brian Miller said...

ugh. anything but the kids. scary stuff. my youngest has a fever tonight. hope its a quick bug.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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