Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just in the nick of time...

I am letting the January weather get the best of me today.

But I am HOPEful.

I am starting a NEW bible study at my church today.

(I have never participated in the Thursday morning women's bible study before...nervous?...a little...excited?.... definitely!!)

Why? I don't know!!!

I don't know a whole lot about the bible. I do know a few ladies that will be in the session with me. They are great and I know they will make me feel very comfortable.

I am HOPEful it will put more of this into perspective. :-)
(On second thought I probably need a shrink for that...HA!)

Instead it will put into perspective what Jesus did for us with his life which HOPEfully will shine a light on what I can do with my life during these upcoming weeks of cold. I am sure I will figure some thing out. (I don't think moving south is an option right now. ;-)

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

nice, my wifes starts back up here in a week. they are doing a beth moore study...

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