Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can laugh about it now. should have been in my house about 60 minutes ago. (No, actually you would not have wanted to be here because I did not want to be here!!)

We have a certain bathroom toilet that 1 out of every 10 flushes clogs. (Why is it always when one of the kids have gone?) Any way, IF I use THAT bathroom I usually check for ANY signs of a clog before using it......this time I didn't have time.

I went.

I flushed.

It came up.

Not only did it come up but it overflowed to the point of no return.

I ran and yelled.

911....emergency.....the area is NOT safe! Put on PROTECTIVE gear! Bring me some towels! Boil water....we are going to need a lot .....we will have a lot to sanitize when we are done!

(Poor Nicole....she was the only one is the house with me at the time...she heard me swear a little...I usually never swear so I think she was shocked. Sorry little girl!)

It took me an HOUR to fix the problem! (yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points!!!!!)

This was the "MOTHER of all OVERFLOWS"!!!! (if I do say so myself)

I won't even go in to the details....sorry if some of you are already gagging b/c you thought that was a lot of details already.

Now if blogs had a smell-a-blog option that would be another story! THEN YOU WOULD BE GAGGING!! Owen is. Makenzie is. And I must admit I am. It wasn't pretty people but it is over!

By the way the saga of the garage door continued......after we had the spring fixed for $169 on Monday it wouldn't work again on Tuesday. I called the company back and they figured it sounded like the gears were shot. Gr-888888888-t!! How much will that cost us? "Normally $149 but since we were just at your house I will give you a discount on the about$99?" Is that negotiable? "No...$99 is it"! OK! So...$268 dollars later we have a working garage door...UGH!!)

American Idol better be good tonight because I could sure use some laughs about now. ;-)


otin said...

I hate overflowing a toilet! I have actually done it as a guest in someone's house. It was very embarrassing!

Brian Miller said...

yikes! yikes! yikes!
ugh. i feel for you.
glad the blog is not scratch and sniff...

New Every Morning said...

OH no!!! My "emergencies" always happen when hubby is out of town.

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