Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can laugh about it now. should have been in my house about 60 minutes ago. (No, actually you would not have wanted to be here because I did not want to be here!!)

We have a certain bathroom toilet that 1 out of every 10 flushes clogs. (Why is it always when one of the kids have gone?) Any way, IF I use THAT bathroom I usually check for ANY signs of a clog before using it......this time I didn't have time.

I went.

I flushed.

It came up.

Not only did it come up but it overflowed to the point of no return.

I ran and yelled.

911....emergency.....the area is NOT safe! Put on PROTECTIVE gear! Bring me some towels! Boil water....we are going to need a lot .....we will have a lot to sanitize when we are done!

(Poor Nicole....she was the only one is the house with me at the time...she heard me swear a little...I usually never swear so I think she was shocked. Sorry little girl!)

It took me an HOUR to fix the problem! (yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points!!!!!)

This was the "MOTHER of all OVERFLOWS"!!!! (if I do say so myself)

I won't even go in to the details....sorry if some of you are already gagging b/c you thought that was a lot of details already.

Now if blogs had a smell-a-blog option that would be another story! THEN YOU WOULD BE GAGGING!! Owen is. Makenzie is. And I must admit I am. It wasn't pretty people but it is over!

By the way the saga of the garage door continued......after we had the spring fixed for $169 on Monday it wouldn't work again on Tuesday. I called the company back and they figured it sounded like the gears were shot. Gr-888888888-t!! How much will that cost us? "Normally $149 but since we were just at your house I will give you a discount on the about$99?" Is that negotiable? "No...$99 is it"! OK! So...$268 dollars later we have a working garage door...UGH!!)

American Idol better be good tonight because I could sure use some laughs about now. ;-)


otin said...

I hate overflowing a toilet! I have actually done it as a guest in someone's house. It was very embarrassing!

Brian Miller said...

yikes! yikes! yikes!
ugh. i feel for you.
glad the blog is not scratch and sniff...

New Every Morning said...

OH no!!! My "emergencies" always happen when hubby is out of town.

How have you been spending your time???

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