Friday, January 22, 2010

I am a babbling fool

Oh, the poor nurse that got my call this morning......

Let me catch you up:

Owen hasn't been himself lately. Tired...sleepy...and I even got a call from his teacher saying he has "been so good" "not the typical Owen that needs a few reminders to settle down" "no funny one liners" "kind of quiet". ***note: Owen does not get in to trouble he is just a typical boy so this quiet behavior was a tad out of the norm for him***

I gave him a rest day. (Free day to watch movies, play Wii, and hang with me....he was fine.)

The next day I got another call from the school...he had broke out in hives and was very uncomfortable ...itching! I gave him Benadryl and took him home. We went to one of these Target clinics and had him tested for mono....negative. (whew...)

He went to school the next day but, came home with yet another case....this time a bit more....of hives!! Now, I have had it. We made an appt. with our regular doctor. She did every test on him. His white blood cell count was low so she figured he may have had strep and now his body is recovering and hives some times show up during the recovery phase. She said it may happen again but if it continues more than 2 weeks or if its BAD come in again and they can do more tests.

He broke out again on Wed. (the 20th) not too bad though.

Then he woke up this morning!!! COVERED from head to toe!!! He was puffy...his eyes were puffy! He had welts every where. (Can you tell it kind of freaked me out. I have never seen hives like this.) I gave him 2 doses of Benadryl and watched him ITCH like a mad man. Poor guy....then, I kept asking him if his throat itched or if he could breathe b/c I have read that hives can cause breathing difficulties and suffocation. (Yes, I am a freak this way...thinking of the worse case scenario.)

After about 2 hours they finally went away. He looks fine now. I STILL called the nurse line.
I thought he should be tested for allergies. Some thing. I don't want to see him like that again. The nurse was nice but, when she started saying I should journal what he eats or comes in contact with for the next few weeks I LOST IT!!!!

YEP!! BABBLING FOOL!!! ***note...if you want an appt. today just start crying on the phone*** She said, Oh, it will be OK...we will get him in ....we will see him....we will figure some thing out....she just kept talking b/c I was bawling. GAWD!!! What a phone call. What a way to start HER day!

We have an appt. for later today. I hope we figure some thing out.

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Sally said...

Hope Owen is okay! Let me know if there is anything that I can do.


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