Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 46th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

(I hope I got the # of years correct...ha!)

Well, they say as we age we turn into our parents.
I will admit I know of a few similarities between me and my parents already.
1. Mom doesn't like her picture taken
(I was looking over my pics and I think I have 5 of me from 2009)
So much for having a photo collage when I die...LOL!
2. Shoes off in the house
Seriously, how gross! Unless, you are over 85 and only leave your house in your shoes for the holidays I think every one should try and take them off when they go to some one's house. We step on dirt, food, gum, dog doo doo (ok..maybe that's just MY hubby), and other stuff. We don't want that all over our floors in our house. Enough said.
3. It's so much easier to go out to eat.
Actually it is.
Yes, it may cost more in the end but
NO prep work, NO dishes, every body orders what THEY want,
NO worrying if any one spills on the floor ;-)
Yes, mom still does some meals at home and so do I but overall
going out or ordering take out is the way to go!
4. For Dad: He likes a clean garage....
try to keep a clean garage.
When the weather turns nice I do like to be in the garage.
Organizing, cleaning, tossing out junk...peace and quiet.
(I see why men think of their garage as their cave some times...ha!)
**Dad the song today is just for you**
I hope you can hear it.

So to my parents....Happy Anniversary today!
It's been wonderful learning from you both and watching you
...roll your eyes at each other
...give each other "love your husband" or "love your wife" cards
...laugh with each other
...struggle (yes, we need to see that too) your business from scratch
...have your business survive MANY years and be very rewarding
...laugh AT each other one another
...cry together
and finally


This is about the only photo I could find that I took of them together
last summer I think while we celebrated Makenzie's birthday at the cabin.
(sorry mom you may not be thrilled about it and dad you probably wished you had smiled more)
so that's why the next time we are together I will be taking more pictures of you whether you like it or not! I need them for the blog! HA! HA!

Love you....Team Orange


Matty said...

You are so right. I find myself a lot like my parents in different ways.

Congratulations to yours.

Brian Miller said...

yeah, in a very similar boat with my rents...happy anniversary! and definitly shoes off in the house...

otin said...

Happy anniversary parents! You raised a wonderful child. You must be some great people!

KJ said...

Awww...thanks guys!

(Too bad my family in DL reads the blog but never comments on it?!)

Anonymous said...

Aw, seems like you had great parents!! I love my parents a lot too!

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