Friday, January 8, 2010


i have read a number of blogs lately .... they all mention resolutions and change. the one blog i read every day faithfully and i have marked on my sidebar is called Homegrown Hospitality. i love it! she is an amazing doodler (is that a word? oh well!), an inspiring writer, and a super scrap book(er)...if you do that sort of scrap book is this blog. however, one on her first blogs of january tell of her "word for the year"....HOPE....she also encourages every one to pick a word and feel it, live it, love it for the year. see how it makes you and how you may do things differently when thinking of THAT word. i thought about words for days....never really came up with just one word that may or may not be my word for 2010.

today however, is THAT day.

oh my i am an emotional roller coaster. it happens every january about this time and lasts til march. (ok...until we hit about 40 degrees and the snow starts to melt giving me obvious signs of spring!) some days are great. some are ok. some just suck to put it plainly...sorry. ;-(

today i looked at the blog and thought yep, its time for a ChaNGe (of backgrounds...that is..)

then i thought about the word change....oh my!...could it be? my word? it works in so many aspects of my life. yes! that's it...CHANGE!!

i can change my blog background, my attitude towards winter (oh i am going to try!!), my mind set on what size i need to be to feel good about myself, my feelings toward chocolate, diet coke and ice cream...because i LOVE them all and that is NOT going to change ;), my ability to love/hate exercise, my skills at cooking and trying new things etc....the list could go on and on but i nor you would want that. the cHaNgE you want to be...i think i read that some where? ;-)

happy friday........and one final many bloggers write with NO capital letters. personally i don't get it so i wanted to try it. i had to correct myself a lot after i put in caps ....its harder than i thought.

it's hard to change but it should be a fun year to see what changes i make (or don't) ;-)


KJ said...

OK..guys I love your comments but no reference to OBAMA and stealing his word. This is my word. Let me have it.


otin said...

I love the new look!

The charity button has been up there for a longggg time! I don't periodically check anything, so it is possible that it is a dead link.
(The one on my blog)

Change is a good word!

Brian Miller said...

i like the new look. sometimes i go all lower case, particularly when i write poetry...i dunno, just to be different. it does take some getting used to. hope you have a great weekend!

stephanie said...

change is good...change is necessary and change is gonna happen whether you are ready for it or not so it is best to learn to get along with change...and think about how happy you are when you find change on the bottom of the washer! At my house, that happens alot, so everytime you find some, put it in a CHANGE jar! Reminders are everywhere!

Thanks for the link and for your sweet comment, but I am going to have to tell you that I am a bigger dork (maybe an inspiring dork, but..well you know what I mean!)
Have a great Saturday!

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