Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday tidbits...

So here it is 1 week until Christmas Eve.....are you ready, crabby, freaked out, stressed, relaxed, remembering the reason for the season? Or are you saying BAH HUMBUG!!??

I must admit I have been on a roller coaster of emotions this past week. (and yes, it is very close to that time of the month but ask any one that has been around me during the holidays **cough..hubby..cough**he will be the FIRST to agree I am always like this during the holidays!!)

I think it started with everyone being sick last week. I didn't go any where for a week...except for the quick trip to Cub for certain pain killers, kleenex, and other flu remedies. I did a lot of wash, put DVD's in for the current sick child, changed sheets, and got sick myself. Hubby did a lot of cleaning on Friday while I was down and out and then it was the busy weekend at church.

We were looking forward to hear Nicole and her group from school sing at the mall on Monday and start YES I said start our Christmas shopping. Well, the singing was beautiful. Nicole looked adorable...see pics below...but hubby and I cannot shop together during the holidays. We kind of know this but we tried any how. Now we know for sure!! I am pretty positive from both our attitudes it won't happen again! ;-) We just don't see eye to eye when it comes to buying gifts. Period. I hope its not a bad thing...just a different thing. I know I have a HARD time buying to just buy. I really want to know the kids WANT the gift, have asked for the gift, or will use the gift. Certain things I see as useful are not what hubby sees and vice versa. Maybe its cuz' I feel I am around the kids more so I feel I know what they want.....I really have no other way to justify it other than I grew up seeing my mom buy all the presents. **Maybe dad would help out when we were smaller and we didn't know it** I don't remember. What I do remember is mom getting the lists, shopping and running around, and dad hanging out with us at home. She would wrap everything and after opening we would thank both mom and dad and dad would say "Oh, is that what you wanted" or "Is that what we got you?" It was fine with me and seemingly with mom and dad. I thought all hubbies/dads did this. However, I have learned that is not true. ;-)

Nicole singing....

with her friend Samantha.

Before going to school that morning!
LOVE the side pony tail!

Please lets move on to other tidbits.....


He is racing with his buddies tonight. The kids love it when he does this. It often involves pizza and a lot of excitement in the basement. It usually goes past their bed time so the "older boys" do get some race time to themselves eventually.


Is babysitting for our neighbors tomorrow night. The Bakke babies! Two adorable twins that are a bundle of laughs. Saturday she has her first ski lesson and Sunday we are going back to the mall for some family fun (I hope..ha!)


She had an eye appointment today. She has been blinking A LOT for about a month now. Some times more some times less but it has become an every day all day thing. We weren't sure if it was a nervous habit she picked up, allergies, dry eyes, or that she needed glasses b/c she has been doing more reading lately. Every thing checked out fine. It seems to possibly be from dry eyes so she (doc) gave me some drops to put in her eyes when we see her doing it. (She (Kenz) told me she will NOT be doing it again b/c she HATES the drops...glorified biggy) So I am thinking it was a nervous twitch. What ever I hope it stops now. ;-)

She too has her first ski lesson on Saturday...with Nicole and some others we know. She is excited for the mall on Sunday and for Christmas next week. Although, she was VERY disappointed we didn't get to see grandma and grandpa last weekend when we were sick but she is getting over it.


He and hubby are currently at school making Gingerbread houses. I can't wait to see how that turns out. Owen said this morning they get to eat whatever is on their house and he wants a lot of Teddy Grahams on his. We will see who is messier ...Owen or the house!

He has his last basketball practice on Saturday and absolutely LOVES Wii.....our family received Wii from grandpa and grandma this year for Christmas and the kids have been playing it about a week now. It's been great!

4-legged ones:

Rosie: She fell down the stairs the other day.....didn't break any thing but I have never seen a dog tumble like that before. She sleeps a lot, whines to go out millions of times a day, and is pretty much deaf....its great to get old.

Jackie/Dora: Cats do what cats do.....sleep, hack up hair balls, and run after their own tail. Could life be any easier?

(OK....this was waaaay more than tidbits.....
more like Thursday thoughts and much, much, more!)

Oh...I see I forgot ME:

I am hoping every one remembers the Reason for the Season!


otin said...

I read an article somewhere that said that the poor economy was the best thing that ever happened to Christmas. It said that people are being forced to concentrate on baking and cooking and doing family related things to compensate for the lack of money. People are realizing that buying gifts is not the reason that Christmas is celebrated. I wish that I could remember where I read it?

What does hubby race?

KJ said...

Hey Otin!

Hubby is a big, bad racer of H-O slot cars! Have you heard of them?
(tiny cars that run on a track with a little pin...they are electric b/c he has this little steering wheel to which he makes them go faster or slower OR they do not go at all b/c the car has hit a "dead" spot in the track) Sounds like fun huh?

Engum's said...

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to tell Nicole she is looking very hip in her clothes. Love the outfit and outerwear. Merry Christmas!

Engum's said...

One more thing, As I was reading about you guys shopping I think Cary and I should get together for the Christmas buying and you and Wade would be a perfect match. Remember life is to short, Kids grow-up way to fast, and their is still the reason for the season. Enjoy and have fun shopping.

How have you been spending your time???

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