Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So far so good

So last night I felt icky...

(I blogged about it...kind of like a drunk spilling his/her guts to a "crush" and then waking up and saying "What did I do?")

I reread my last night's post and boy did I seem depressed!

I wasn't depressed more just "Out of Sorts!"

From a sugar high and then a sugar low
From an overload of Diet coke and veggies (which combined gives me horrible heart burn)
From my mind going back and forth over wanting to attack all the Christmas decorations and put the house back in a "normal" order but then wanting to enjoy the "real" tree a little longer before we stick it in the snow bank waiting for the garbage truck to haul it away. (That just seems kind of sad seeing the tree we adored in the house lonely and cold at the end of the driveway)

Yes...I still have some resolutions in mind ;-)

Just wanted to let you know I am not crazy....




Fozziebear said...

Save your tree for a roaring good driveway bonfire this summer!! :) Ours went down last Saturday as the new kitten was destroying it and most of the needles were scattered throughout the house. Ps-I'm finding the best way to lose weight is to stay away from your mom's house. I gained 6 lbs on Christmas eve day and probably that many more on Christmas day when we went back for leftovers! Gotta love that girl!!

Brian Miller said...

a little crazy is never bad...smiles.

How have you been spending your time???

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