Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow, snow go away...

and let it be replaced by a sunny June day!
(oh, wouldn't that be nice)
I love the snow for Christmas but now
I am ready to have it go....kind of?!

It is nice for:
snow angels
snow forts

It is NOT nice for:
breaking ones back by
falling on ones butt
when being hit by an out of control sledder
who just went off a ice jump on a hill.

We went sledding with our sleds on Christmas Day.
There were many hidden mini jumps
we fell off a few times.
We hurt:
our necks
our backs
our butts
our ankles
our pride.


Below our pics of hubby having not as much
fun shoveling some very wet and heavy snow.

While Owen and Kenzie have fun
"getting each other"
in the snow.

I think Owen won this round!

(and the hill we went sledding on
won its round with our aching muscles.)


otin said...

My yard is soggy with rain, I think that I would rather have the snow!

Brian Miller said...

it rained all day christmas, but it left enough of the white stuff for some fun the next day...with a crunchy top for extra skiddage...looks like you had a lot of fun!

Matty said...

You are so right. Snow has it's good and bad points. I'm thinking you need to get a snow blower.

KJ said...

Funny! Yes, a snow blower would be great but than we would have nothing to complain about. HA! (plus, all of our neighbors have blowers sooooo nothing like "neighbors helping neighbors" ;-) (oh, if my neighbors are reading we really do appreciate all the help with your snow blowers!!)

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