Monday, December 7, 2009

My Monday Moments

Note to self:

When watering the Christmas tree be sure to wear a hat. (Thick hair and sap are not a good combination ;-)!

When Makenzie says she thinks she has a stomach ache 5 MINUTES before school starts thank your lucky stars that for once you believed her!!! (30 minutes later she was upchucking in the porcelain chair) Whew!

When thinking of ways to cut costs this Christmas consider it a "sign" that a certain blog spoke of ways to cut costs and forgoing Christmas cards was one of her ways. Hmmmm....the more I thought about that and THIS blog I took her advice to heart. THIS blog keeps everyone up to date on what is happening with the TEAM. Therefore, consider IT your 2009 Christmas Card and more. (Here you get music, tidbits, pictures, and my charming twist of wit...a card is words and maybe a picture or two....You can Thank ME later. ;-)

Merry Christmas!

Take advantage of being home with a sick child by cleaning and sanitizing the house! I seriously hope no one else gets her bug!!

And last but not least when the sick little girl lays on the top of the stairs moaning, groaning, and saying "I caaaaaan't sleep" and "my stomach still hurts but not the kind of hurt that is going to make me puke." Reach for a good pair of ear plugs and give an ever loving back rub. :o)

Happy Monday!


otin said...

A blog is much better than a card!

Me and Stacy the Random Cool chick started a website, check it out!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Awesome...but I am doing a letter! Think you are getting one?? Hahaha

How have you been spending your time???

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