Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It'S a SnOW dAy!!

How are you spending your snow day?
Catching up on homework?
Watching TV?
Baking Christmas cookies?

We are doing a little bit of all the above!

Some pics for the far away relatives.

It's definitely the winds and blowing snow
that is causing the crazy conditions.
I still see grass in some parts of the yard
and in other parts ...
there are drifts up to my chest!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Engum's said...

Hey Kathy
Looks like the kids are enjoying the day off. I forgot how cute those elves are. You guys can keep the snow. Have a great day.
Luv, Nancy

Julie said...

Nice to see you blogging again. I love to see pics of the kids and hear updates! It's just very cold up north, (no snow) which is fine by me.

KJ said...

OH...and only one drift hit my is at the side of the obviously blew around the corner A LOT!! The other drifts were about knee high.

otin said...

I am very jealous!!!

Santa Claus said...

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas Team Orange!

Becky said...

It doesn't snow here but i'm inside all day so it would be the same as usual around here - blogging and housework.

Matty said...

We had our first snow a few days ago. It's pretty cold right now, so it is starting to look a bit like Christmas.

How have you been spending your time???

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