Friday, December 4, 2009

Funerals & perspective

I just got back from a funeral. (I cannot stop crying every time I think about it)

I think we all need to go to more funerals. There are amazing people out there and boy does it put life into perspective! (Especially during the holidays) Our lives are so caught up in the gifts and buying right now. I am sure when we die we do not care if we have the latest blue-ray DVD player, or the best phone that can text, play music, and watch videos (I am sure they do more than that but I don't know), or THE NORTH FACE jacket that costs as much money as some peoples food bill for a month, the Silpada jewelry, QVC purses, or shoes that I can get caught up in, and the newest sporting equipment out there whether its a golf club, baseball bat, golf balls, hockey stick, or hockey skates. I mean seriously, if we die tomorrow does it really matter? I hope you said, NO.

My friend read his mom's "story" at the funeral. I guess she had asked him to do so before she died. He fulfilled her request beautifully. Then he added ....and I couldn't agree more.....why don't we know the story of more people like his mom? The average women who worked hard all her life. Paid her bills, took care of her dying husband, raised 2 great boys, and enjoyed her 3 grand daughters to the fullest! She loved to have parties and have friends and family over...celebrating the time they had together with food and drink was a love of hers.

Why is it we forget about the average joe and get so caught up in Tiger Woods' affairs, Tom Petter's money issues, or Brad and Angie's adoption of another child? If we die tomorrow does that stuff really matter? I hope you said, NO.

Look at your life.

What's most important to you?

What can you live without?

When is the last time you sat down with your kids ...TV turned OFF...and simply talked, played a game, colored a picture or just BE in the moment?

When our life is said and done how will your story be told?

It's worth thinking about.


otin said...

Funerals do bring about thoughts of your own mortality and what you mean to the world. I just got a chill typing that!

Matty said...

You are so right. I block out the silly stuff the media highlights as important. I have a funeral to attend next week, so I'll be thinking of this.

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