Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend updates

Owen started basketball this weekend.
(We were a little nervous since he hasn't had much practice
dribbling and shooting but hubby said he has as
much skill as the rest of the boys.)

Here he is in his new jersey!

After practice....
pumpkin carving!
Owen opted to carve the pumpkin on the computer.
(We got some cheap/larger pumpkins at Sam's and
lately the evenings have been getting COLD!
The pumpkins were hard as a rock
and he wasn't really into it)

Oh well....Kenzie was!

The finished products.
Owen's face idea is on the left pumpkin.
Nicole had the small middle one this year.
Kenzie's design is on the right.
(fitting for Kenzie to put the nice, big
middle tooth in hers)
I think it was last year at this time we had BIG issues
with Kenzie's "dead" front teeth.
Hard to believe that was a year ago now.

And finally...
Who is that masked mummy?

Nicole (and two of her friends she went
trick and treating with)

I can't believe during the chaos of the night I never took
a picture of Owen OR Kenzie in their costumes!!!

I guess we can dress them up next weekend
and just take some pictures
to share with everybody.
you can imagine Owen as Boba Fett
Makenzie as a witch.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Your Jack-o-lanterns are ADoRable! I can't believe I didn't even carve a single pumpkin this year...just couldn't quite get going!
Glad you had a good weekend~

Anonymous said...

Love how you spiced up your pumpkins! :)

otin said...

Look how blogging changes people's lives! You want to recostume the kids a week after Halloween, so that you can post pictures! LMAO!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

So so cute!!! I love the pumpkins! Thanks for the Toasty kids shout out!

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