Sunday, November 22, 2009


OK...I know you all are just waiting for the Team Orange updates but first I have to ask:
Have you seen NEW MOON yet?
Don't worry I won't give any thing away in case you haven't. I went Friday after school. Actually it was myself, 2 other moms and 7 tweens (I think). Nicole had heard it received some thing like 3 out of 5 stars so she was a little worried before it started. We quickly put our nerves to rest. It was AWESOME! I had a few teen flashbacks myself although I don't remember any 17 year olds looking like Jacob Black. Oh, its tough to be 40 and see puppy love in my 12 year olds eyes knowing that she has some exceptional taste in boys. HA! HA! HA! LOL! Back to the updates........

He was disappointed he couldn't golf yesterday. He tried twice and both times the course was too busy so he couldn't get on. He opted for a run outside instead. But today is a new day. Its still beautiful out and he left about an hour ago for the course. I haven't heard any thing from him yet so it must be a good sign for him. It will probably be his last chance to play this year so hopefully he is making the most out of it.


I worked at the Y this weekend. I am tired. I have had some dizzy spells the past few days. (I usually get this way when I am really tired) I don't feel overly tired but when the room starts spinning I can't do any thing else but sleep. I still have it here and there but not as bad as it was. I am just thankful it got better in time for me to see the above mentioned movie. :o)
I guess my prayers helped!


She is still getting over the New Moon movie too. She is also thrilled there is only 2 days of school next week and she is excited to see her cousins over the Thanksgiving weekend.


Has become quite the Tony Melendez fan! She downloaded 3 of his songs into her Ipod and listens to them constantly. Her new favorite saying, "Tony Rocks!" or "Go Tony!"
She has been inspired Big Time from hearing him sing and speak.

Its wonderful how things work out some times.


Wants to be with his cousins right NOW! He cannot wait to stay over night at there house during Thanksgiving. He loves basketball. He loves swimming. He loves playing with his friends. He loves playing play station with his daddy.


otin said...

Wow, all I hear about is this new moon!!! It is going to make a lot of money!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Wow...lots of fun this weekend at Team Orange! I miss you!

How have you been spending your time???

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