Friday, November 13, 2009

Otin's Happy Hour Post!

I copied this from Otin!

It was his 300th post.....

Few words really do hold true
Whether you relate to one line or two

I am sure some part of it will make you think
........are you being the happiest you?

I am happy that my mind is free
To make my own life’s choices
That I must not always agree
With dissenting voices.

I am happy to have food to eat

And a place to call my own
Shoes to wear upon my feet
A car, a boat, a phone.

Happy to have those who care
When I am feeling ill
People who’ll step up and share
Their wishes and good will

I am happy to have found you all
Friends who I do treasure
The virtual world, though so small
Is my greatest pleasure.

But there is one bit of sorrow
That my happiness does bring
The reminder that tomorrow
Some won’t have a thing.

Everyone's life has reason
For this it must be said
It would be a happy season
If the starving ones were fed.


otin said...

Thank you! :)

You missed a verse! LOL!

KJ said...

How could I have done that?

Actually if you knew the day I had you would understand! It is the 13th isn't it?


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