Sunday, October 4, 2009


So what did you do today?

We spent 8 (yes, 8) hours in down town Mpls. at the Metrodome. Which I just found out has been renamed to the Mall of America Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Whew! That's a mouthful. Especially compared to the new outdoor field called the "Target Field" which will be ready in the spring for the Twins!

It was a wonderful day. Cool, crisp (very fall like) with just a hint of sun shine peaking through the clouds as we drove down. Ahhhh, fall....we had to wait 35 minutes until they opened the gates to allow entry good thing we walked around to our Gate..... we noticed there were lines in front of ALL the gates to get in. We quickly got in our line too. We guessed we were in a line about 70 people deep. At first we thought, "Oh no, we should have gotten down town an hour ago....who knew there would be such lines?" But as the line continued to grow in the next 35 minutes as we waited we were very fortunate we got down there when we did. Our spot was perfect. After a while we began to feel a few rain drops...thank goodness nothing developed or that could have been bad for all of us without umbrellas waiting. Soon the gates opened and our feet were flying to get to "A" seat. Yes, just a seat...we were in general admission...the "cheap seat tickets" or "first come first seat". We ended up being in center field about 4 rows back...just fine.

We watched an awesome game. Homeruns, RBI's, walks, and strike outs....beach balls were being tossed around and popped once caught by the "officials", we got on the Jumbo tron, and we ended up winning the game!! Between us all we ate: 3 hot dogs, mini doughnuts, a jumbo dog, 5 suckers, grapes, lots of goldfish, a large soda, water, peanuts, and 2 ice cream sandwiches. Would you believe that we actually left HUNGRY! Yes we did!

But, we didn't leave right away....they had an hour long "Good bye to the dome" ceremony after the game. The organizers brought back so many players and coaches (that I idolized from 1987) I felt like a kid again. :o) Do you remember Scott Erickson? Kent Hrbek? Bert Byleven? Paul Molitor? Jack Morris? Tom Kelly? (They had many videos of Kirby Puckett too...very touching) But I must say that our own Joe Mauer received the most CLAPS and CHEERS EVER!!! Is it his boyish good looks? Is it that he is such a nice guy? Or is it that he is such a great player of the game? I think I will go with all of the above!!

As we drove home I said, "Why don't we buy season tickets at Target Field?" I think hubby and Nicole (our biggest baseball fan) almost fell over. I guess they have already been talking the talk. They were just shocked that I was OK with it. (The penny pincher that I am) :o)

I was sad to miss my bible study tonight but I must say the day and events on the whole were priceless.

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The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

What a fun day you and your family had!! Not much of a baseball fan, but always fun to be downtown! Our Sunday was pretty much in a recover mode: I am still not feeling good, Kenzie was tired and Madison was exhausted after coming back from Camp Iduhapi with our church! Happy Monday!

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