Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Tueday Thoughts and Finale!

I have been blogging a little over a year.

Yesterday was my 300th post!
Today is my last one.

I think I am feeling what other bloggers have felt...

"What else could I be doing if I wasn't blogging?"

"It is consuming my free time"

"I need to find other hobbies"

and my personal feeling that nags
at me every time I write something ...

I need to quit worrying about what I write:
a) How they will interpret it
b) What will they think of me for writing it
c) Am I taking the time to proof read it
d) Is my spelling correct? (Sometimes, I don't care....
I have 5 minutes in my day to jot down a thought and then the laundry,
school, work, dog, cat, dishes, supper, or whatever starts calling and YES, I may have spelled some thing wrong or used bad grammar....so what have you done perfect lately?)

So that's it.
(sidenote: Otin I will still be reading your blog
I have to keep some fun in my life!)



The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

So your a quitter huh?? Just kidding! I will miss Team Orange updates!

Sally said...

I will also miss the updates. Keeps me informed on what is going on.

otin said...

Please stay! :( Just post something every once in a while. Don't delete your site! Damnit, I hate this!

Fozziebear said...

How are we ever going to know what our southern relatives are up to? are we actually going to have to 'talk' to you now and then? :)

it was a great run! drop in now and then and brief the world on what's going on down south...

the internet blogging world will miss you terribly :(

Anonymous said...

You are a lovely person, you should stayyy, just post once in a while to keep us updated on how things are going with you. :)

mBa said...

Kathy, I LOVE the new picture and background on your blog. You better keep blogging, it is fun to see what your family is up to!

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