Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning conversation with Kenzie..a lessson in the facts of life.

*Scene: walking upstairs to finish getting ready this morning
me in front on Kenzie*

Kenz: Boy, what a view!
Me: Nice view?

Kenz: No...
Me: Then, you better watch what you
eat and exercise a lot so
you don't end up with a
butt or "view" like mine

Kenz: Is that how that happened?
Me: That and having you 3 kids! :o)

Kenz: I am NOT having any kids!
followed by....."That's just gross!"
Me: You have to do more than that

Kenz: Yea, But I have a skinny butt!
Me: I use to have a skinny butt like yours
when I was 10!!

Kenz: And it got that big?
Me: Yes, so watch yourself!

Whoa! If I didn't have a low self image
before I sure do now!
Thanks Kenzie
Love, MOM

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otin said...

Just stabbed you with a dagger! LOL!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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