Friday, October 9, 2009

HAPPY HOUR ...really is HAPPY today!

Tonight hubby and I are going out to watch the TWINS WIN at a bar
and enjoy a little "Happy Hour" ourselves.

(This pic was taken this summer when we went to a game.
Hubby..#00 and Owen being part of the team for a quick pic.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Twins play back at home on Sunday
so if you miss or don't want to watch
them play in NY tonight
watch Sunday for their home town


Julie said...

Sounds like fun, wish I was there to join you. Have a good weekend!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

FUN FUN!! Enjoy the night out!

otin said...

Now, you know what I think about this!!! Go Yankees! :))

Hit 40 said...

The Indians had an awful summer!!! BOO HOO!! Have fun at the bar. Order some mozzarella sticks!! Yummy.

otin said...

The twins got screwed! I am a Yankees fan but hate winning on bad calls!

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