Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Am I reading this right?

I get home from work and click on some emails.

One is from the school district where I get there generated emails/copies of school board meetings.

This is at the top of the school board notes: GOOD NEWS

Governor Pawlenty proclaimed the week of October 17-24, 2009 to be "Gifted and Talented Youth Week” in the State of Minnesota !!


If you are already Gifted and Talented do you need a week to get more praise?

Isn't the "A" and smiley face on every paper enough?

Isn't the bumper sticker proudly stuck to the back of your parents Hummer or Audi which states "Proud Parent of Honor Roll Student" enough?

Isn't the fact that teachers say to your parents "If all the kids could be like YOUR child schools would be so easy" (yes, I had a mom tell me this...they were told this from a teacher)

How many bumper stickers have you seen that say "Proud Parent of student with D's"

Or a smiley face next to a C---

Or when did a teacher tell you that a "Whole school full of Johnnies who talk a lot, forget their books and homework, and are always late to class would be so easy"

Please school educators...let's put a little more emphasis on celebrating ALL of our students and their unique learning styles and/or personalities. Rather than building up those that are already way ahead of us. Just a thought...don't hate me because I have these thoughts!!


Fozziebear said...

let me guess....your parents couldn't find a bumper sticker for their van that said, "just pass-that's all you gotta do" :) Just giving you some grief today! :)

Susie said...

Good one Dana!

Susie said...

Hey! Internet is up at the lake now...send some pics for G & G!

KJ said...

HA! about that...3 comments all from relatives! Look out the pictures will be plentiful!

otin said...

I like the bumper sticker that says "My C student just beat up your honor student" LOL!

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