Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 down 1 to go...


We have already been to Kenzie and Owen's.

We found out Kenzie is reading and comprehending great she just needs to be more descriptive in her writings. (The girl is so descriptive at home while playing Nintendo, watching You Tube, and listening to her IPod...why doesn't it carry over to her writings?)

Owen's favorite thing of school is math.
Although it did clarify by saying..."Even though its hard at times its good"
That's my boy!
His worst thing about school?
"When the teacher flips his card."
(Behavior card that is...it starts out on green every day, as the kids talk and get disruptive it may change to yellow, red and then blue. ) Owen has had his turn to yellow 3 times now since school has started. Those are definitely the days he has more to share when he comes home. They make WAY more of an impact on him.
I guess he's learning...right?!

We have to go to Nicole's conference now....
I will fill you all in later.

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otin said...

The reason that the writing is not that descriptive is because it is an assignment, and like all human beings, when someone tells you to do something, you tend to make it as easy as possible, and non descriptive is much easier!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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