Wednesday, September 30, 2009

W.O.W. Word on Wednesdsay..Regurgitate!

WOW...kind of catchy isn't it?
(It's actually the name of our Wednesday night church program
for the 3yrs-4th graders...5th -8th grade have confirmaion on Wed. nights too)
However, for the blog WOW is just MY word(s) on Wed.
Today I am thinking about regurgitation.

be sick, upchuck, hurl, lose one's lunch, puke, ralph, retch, spew, throw up, toss one's cookies, urp, heave, gag, emit, eject, expel and MY FAVORITE...pray to the porcelain god.

So why THAT word you ask? Gross huh?!

I didn't choose it ... it choose me!

Yesterday while at work at the Y babies were crying...
nothing new this happens....
one girl (maybe 15 months) started crying and crying and crying
since we couldn't find the CD player and CD's (to blast some "WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND"
or "HOT POTATO" from the WIGGLES or any BARNEY ...yes, Barney is still played!)
A staff member decided to "Take the criers on the stroller."
I am there to assist...she gets "THE CRIER" loaded and leaves to get another child.
I am there with "the crier". I put on her seat belt. It's too tight. I start to loosen it when the other staff comes back and says, "I think she's going to lose it." I stop.....I look at her....I move my hand....

Seriously people I was seconds from having it on me!
I get her off the stroller.
She continues to "hurl" as she walks to the bathroom.
She "looses her cookies" again in the bathroom.
Yes, she is spitting, ralphing, gagging, and spewing like the best of them.

Now, as I sit here....ok maybe 5 minutes ago.
Jackie, our lovely cat, starts gagging too.
(Why is it never on the wood floor?)
(Why am I never fast enough to get him to the wood floor?)
So, I watch as in slow motion......
one ejection,
two hurls,
a hair ball,
its out!
The mother of all chunks.
I soooooo was going to take a picture and share it with you but,
I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Lucky you!

who will be next to "pray to the porcelain god" around me?
Owen left the house this morning with a stomach ache.
So far no phone call...
I pray no one "looses their supper" tonight.


Fozziebear said...

ok......could next wednesday's 'word of the day' be something less gross/disgusting/revolting/colorful? :)

let your audience pick your next word....maybe something that you won't hear 6-8 year old boys use at the dinner table.. :) (but it was still funny as I'm still 6-8 years old... :)

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

OMG!! GROSS! I am glad I did not see that puker at that Y! Our cats both puked up huge hairballs this week too! ICKY!

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