Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

They say the economy is getting better but
my Y just laid off 4 people in Kidstuff.
I have been VERY busy with my school's fundraiser
and there is still 8 days to go....if we don't do well it wasn't
the chairpersons fault. :o)
My Bible study was a blast!
Can bible studies be a blast?
Lately I have received some funny emails titled
"pictures of Walmart shoppers"
seriously, if cameras were allowed at my Y
there are many outrageous pics I could get!
Many people have issues...I am NOT alone!
I saw a sign on a car window today which read,
"Next, time wave with ALL your fingers!"
Hm..what do you think THAT meant?
I lady brought some size SUPER tampons into the Y today.
3/4 of the box was full.
She gave it to a fellow employee saying,
"I tried these but I am just too tiny for them...
so you can have the rest"
How did she know they would "fit" this employee?
LOL! (seiously true story)
A school in my town made the news last night
and the front page of the paper this morning!
**Out of a 26 pupil class only 7 kids were there yesterday**
**There were some thing like 178 kids sick in one day**
I guess parents are listening and taking "safe" precautions by
keeping kids home this year.
To think my girl felt sick for 3 days last week and I sent her everyday!


Otin said...

Something that you would never see a man do......Give another man a box of condoms and say, "Here, I am too small for these!" Lmao!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I've seen that website and lots of those pics. And if I had the cajopnes to take a pic of my own in our Walmart, I could have had a whopper!!

We saw a woman that had to be close to 65, stick thin, in the shortest denim mini skirt I've ever seen...so short, her butt cheeks hung out.

And to top it off, she had THIGH hig black leather boots on!!


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

OMG: I saw those tampons and I thought for a second that maybe it was you that brought those in! LOL Yes, I blame you for the spread of the flu through MN. LOL! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The flu is here again! A lot of my co-workers are sick too! I was sick but kept going to work, I hate missing work! I just get behind on things and I hate it when kids miss school too! LOL They get me behind, so I guess it is better for all of them to miss school cause no one gets behind!haha

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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