Sunday, September 27, 2009

Now I know.....

  • What it is like to be too busy to blog
  • That volunteering is fulfilling and tiring
  • That patience goes a long way with children
  • Kids really do learn by example
  • Bible studies can be purposeful***What's your purpose?
  • Exercise can feel great
  • Exercise can introduce you to new muscles you never knew were there :o)
  • Picking a Halloween costume is HUGE
  • Getting candy by saying "Trick or Treat" is AWESOME!
  • We all have different gifts **What is your gift?
  • To schedule some quiet time each day
  • MORE about ME than I did YESTERDAY.


otin said...

My gift is that I seem to have a natural way about me that allows people to open up to me about what is bothering them. I like helping people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is awful when we can't come online.

My gift is that I'm very friendly person and thankfully I have no enemies :) (I think hehe) :)

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