Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mother's Intuition

So after day 7 of school Kenzie comes home saying her stomach and head hurts (I am thinking hmmm already she wants a day home from school). I give her pain relief juice and tell her to rest. The next morning it has passed and she's off to school.
Day 8: Kenzie comes home with a stomach and head ache. (It's been hot here...I am thinking she is exhausted and needs rest). I give her medicine, tell her to rest BUT, she REALLY wants to make a leaf pile outside so off she goes. It's soon soccer time. Off we go.....(Good thing its 2 blocks away...she feels awful and walks home with in 10 to bed)
Day 9 (Friday..picture day): Kenzie says her stomach hurts...IT's PICTURE Day...I tell her to go to school and if it gets REALLY bad call me. ***No Call...whew!**** She gets home and says her stomach and head hurt AGAIN! UGH! She changes to pj's, takes some pain relief juice, and is in bed. (Hubby and I went golfing...bad right? I called her 3X she said she was fine. When we got home she said she felt better)
Day 10: It's 5:10 AM right now...I am very curious what today will bring.
Day 8: Comes home with a head ache...You guessed it...I gave him some pain relief juice and he was fine.
Day 9 (Friday..picture day): Woke up with a headache...after he ate he said he was better...IT'S PICTURE me if you feel awful...***No Call...whew!**
Day 10 (Saturday): Soccer pictures and game at 11. Let's hope he feels fine.
Day 9 (Friday morning): I wake up with a stomach ache...Oh, so now I know how Makenzie was feeling. Gross! You feel like you're going to throw chunks (nice visuals right?) for about 10 minutes then it passes. A while later the same feeling comes back and then it again passes. WEIRD!!! ***I made it through the day...whew! ***We went golfing...I thought I might lose it a couple of times but, again the feeling eventually left too. Then, my friend who teaches in another school told me they had 15 kids go home with stomach issues on Friday!!
Hmmmm....Mother's Intuition not so good? Is this what health officials mean when they say if the child feels sick be cautious and leave them at home? I guess I knew I may have screwed up when Kenzie said to me before I left to go golfing...and I quote, "Is this how you get the H1N1?"
No, I told her she needed a fever with that...not just a head ache. ***Whew!***
I am a little nervous to see what today brings. Who else will complain of a head ache? A stomach ache?

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The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Nice....Don't come work out with me on Monday if you are still sick! Icky!

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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