Monday, September 28, 2009

Homecoming...right around the corner...

Check out these cuties!!
This is Jensen (the kids' cousin in CO)
and his date for Homecoming :o)
Our high school has Homecoming THIS Friday!
We will be going...
The kids will be decked out in Panther Pride wear....
We will watch the football game...
The kids will watch every one and every thing BUT
the football game.
There will be standing room only.
We will get there early to get a lucky seat on a cold bleacher
Boy, doesn't it sound like fun!?
At least it looks like Jensen had fun...
How could they not when they are THAT cute!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

cute picture and beautiful scenery~
Have fun at your homecoming!

otin said...

Ummm, did girls look like that when I was in school??? Not in my yearbook! lol

Elise said...

awww Jensen!
I'm really liking the blog, you do a great job keeping up with all this!

I just read the whole thing practically in a few hours!

I am sick at school with a very high chance of it being the swine flu so I have been shunned to my room and need things like this to entertain me!

I will be keeping an eye on this blog from now on!

How have you been spending your time???

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