Thursday, July 20, 2017


I have been busy painting my bathroom cabinets.  I have disliked the cabinets for some time now and FINALLY I decided to "JUST DO IT!" My bathroom also got a new paint job (on the walls) but the kids' bathroom walls were fine so I left them for now.

I also practiced drawing my "Cow" picture on my phone in the "notes" area...
frankly I don't think its all that bad.

The boy had a swim meet outdoors two weekends ago and I happen to embarrass him once when I showed up in the team tent and said I wanted to take a picture of him and some friends.  These three boys are brothers (twins and the younger one).  They were so nice to take a photo with Owen and never complained once!

 When hubby got home over the 4th and said he pulled his hamstring (again) I kind of gave him the know ladies in that deep drawn out kind of voice...... and left it at that.  Days later when the bruise showed up I was a little more interested in it and in taking a picture because you don't see black and blue marks that SIZE very often!!!

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

This morning started out great and then I forgot to "KEEP CALM"

As I sit here sulking and replaying the out of body moment I had earlier with my daughter I am comforted a little by the "inspirational daily quote above".  Everyday is a priceless gift of God ~ LOADED WITH POSSIBILITIES TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW, to gain fresh insights. 

Ms. Makenzie will be 18 this August.  Sometimes I feel that if my kids display common sense and are independent thinkers than I have succeeded at this thing called motherhood.  Other times I put WAY too much emphasis on common sense and being independent of ME.

Here's the truth ~ and my mom may feel differently, but I have never really asked her to. this. day.

My mom was and is a great mom.  We have never really seen "eye to eye" on things.  She and dad own a cleaning service so that kept them busy all evenings, early mornings, and we had summers or Sundays to catch up.  Sure we also had the hour after school to talk...(before they went to work...or if it was my night to clean with them...we would also have time to chit chat while working) but, for the most part my sisters and I fended for ourselves.

Each evening mom and dad left by 4:00 or 4:30.  Mom would have supper ready at 4:00 and then do a quick clean up and they were off.  The evenings consisted of us doing our homework, watching TV, or hanging out with friends.   Depending on the night and the "jobs" to do, they would be home any time between 9-10:00PM.  They would grab a snack, ask us about school, watch the news or Johnny Carson and off to bed. 

***Help? What stands out often is that kids nowadays seem to get a lot more help from parents***

Mom wanted to make sure we were going to pass our classes to graduate....that's it.  If we got all C' be it.  If we didn't understand something.....she said ask your teacher.  If I didn't know information about a topic for a paper....sorry, look in your library tomorrow at school.  We didn't have Google or Encyclopedia's.

When I decided I wanted to go to college...I filled out my papers, I arranged my tours, I talked with the appropriate people, I was on my own.

Today I see so many children dependent on their parents........  

And I see a lot of parents enabling their children.

I am sorry but I am not one of those.  

Today as I was mowing my hubby heard my phone ringing.  Then he heard a message from Makenzie saying her keys were locked in her van and could we come with the spare.  

.........It is now 9:15am and she was suppose to be meeting friends at 9:30 to help with a birthday party of 17 girls.  The family needed another driver to take all the girls about 90 miles north to go cliff jumping for the day.  Makenzie agreed to do it and now she would be late...........

Long story short ~ I freaked on her.  I told her this was the third time at least that she has done this.  That now the birthday party would get a late start.  That she had no time to shower (she was running with her summer group when the keys got locked) so she will have to be sweaty on the drive and use the water as her shower.  I gave her the ol' "be more responsible" talk.  "Think about the what if's and consequences of actions"...........when I stopped for air she explained that they had hid their keys in the gas compartment.

What?! So they don't have to carry them.....but they leave the gas door open a bit so it doesn't lock shut.  Get the picture?  Well, turns out another girl got back to her van before her ~ grabbed HER keys out and forgot to leave it open....she shut the door.  BAM! Makenzie's keys were locked.




I thought of myself.  I tend to be a freak about time, when others are late and my schedule gets off I feel like they personally tried to do that to me.  I got angry thinking this other mom would be too....she was not.  She was calm....I need to learn from her!

(although, we agreed this in general didn't seem like the greatest plan of action for safekeeping your keys but, in general I made her feel like crap and now I too feel like crap!)

 So once again I am sorry.

This was Kenzie in the stars and stripe shirt with her cousins over the 4th of July.
She is the sweet one of our family.....
she thinks of others constantly, she puts others first constantly, she doesn't like it when others feel bad, and yet I unleashed the bad mom voice this morning.

As much as I want independent, common sense thinking kiddos ~ I also want nice, thoughtful ones.
And I definitely have that!

Now I just need to learn to take a breath~
hear her story~
be a mom who can teach with out the preach.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Running Sucks

 I mean right!!??

Don't get me wrong....this is NOT the time or place to judge me.  It's my blog/personal albeit open diary and I get to have my opinions on certain topics...we all do and its just plain and simple.

Now, lets back up to a week ago.  Hubby and I went downtown to walk around some craft tents and vendors of different type.  (The true reason for heading down was for the Old Car Cruise Night that would be taking place at 6PM but we figured we would go early to "eye our spot" and waste some time).  We were successful at both!!

Wasting time was easy.....the tents had random clothes, candles, knives, newspaper subscriptions, bags, and jewelry....pretty much your typical fair.  However, there was one clothing tent that made me take a second glance when I read "FARGO Clothing Company" From Fargo, ND but made in MN! OMG!! Fargo just happens to be a hop, skip and a jump from MY HOMETOWN.  Now I feel like I have made a connection!!! I checked the t-shirts out and thought ~ cute, but not needed ~ I would pass for now.

Bring on more time to waste......what were we to do???? Hit up the local brew pub of course!  YUM, YUM, and YUM.....after just 2 ~ because at 8.0% and 7.2% alc. in the beers I happen to select two was all I needed to know to stop.  ;-)

And if you are like me when drinking.......I tend to think I all of a sudden NEED THINGS....thus I tend to spend money more freely.....thus I told hubby I NEEDED to go back to the FARGO clothing company and get a shirt.  ha! ha!

In my rather fun loving, happy go lucky, life is awesome mood I read through the printed shirts again and kept going back to "Running Sucks!".  It just made me laugh.  Smile.   And agree ask someone.........anyone..........for example:

Running Sucks .....
 when you lose a toenail
 when your bra leaves chaffing and you forget until in the shower...ouch!
when shin splints hurt
when it starts to downpour after just a block in
on ice
when its super humid and hot
after a night of drinking

THAT IS WHAT I does so I bought the shirt and laugh when I wear it!!
Plus its the softest shirt I think I currently own so I LOVE it!

And although I do think Running Sucks I also think

the bad mood out of me
the mind from negative thoughts
the jiggle from my body
the bad spirits from my being......

For that I find myself smiling at my shirt...
2 words that can have different meanings depending on how you think of them!

And my cow.....
This makes me smile too.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th

I will be hanging out with this angel.

Chilling in my A/C
keeping all the animals company ....
having a "toast" to another quiet 4th of July.  

My kind of celebrating is one free from
mosquito bites, humidity, honking horns, police sirens, ambulance warnings, same old stories about random people I don't know and waking up in my own bed!


After all it is "Independence Day"  therefore,
we all get to make independent decisions of how EACH of US
CELEBRATES...have fun with what ever you decide!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

What the heck is up with the size of my toe??

Yesterday I posted this picture of my bike tire and when I looked at it more closely I could NOT see past the size of my BIG TOE!!!

 I mean one may think I am retaining water or something??? (no)
 Pregnant? (no)
 Was bit by a hornet and it swelled? .... (Ahhh no!) 

So just now I had to take another photo of my toe ....
and from another angle....
(don't mind the wacko pain chipping)
UGH ...It still looks large!!

I guess when one (me) gains weight over the past 9 months (me again) the excess fat even settles in your toes!! Although, I did just buy new shoes and I am still a size 9 so that hasn't changed.

Ever take a close look at your toes??

Do you have one that seems larger than life?


Sunday, July 2, 2017

What they are doing, what I've been doing and Purple Corn Flakes???

 Hey guys!! Happy Sunday on this July 2nd kind of day.  First I have got to say the town is so quiet and I kind of LOVE it!! Obviously, half the neighborhood and city went to a cabin or another area to celebrate the 4th of July.  I however did not.  I decided to stay home with the oldest kiddo and get some projects around the house done.  (And I don't really enjoy the large gatherings at my folks house over the 4th or any holiday so its a win-win!!)

And by win-win I mean......Hubby took Kenzie and Owen (in purple shirt below) up north to be with cousins and the family for a few days!  They get to do what they want and I get to do what I want...see win-win!!

 They got in around supper time last night so I believe they all had pizza and maybe a bonfire?  Today he drove to a town about 45 minutes away and played "tourist"....while eating a snack in a dog park.   Although, I don't see any dogs ...

classic boys.....
My dad often calls to give me the latest report on weather or what ever is happening when I am not up there on the "more eventful weekends"....he just called to say hubby and the kids were back.  ;-)  They ate some lunch and are now out on the pontoon/enjoying the lake is a definite when up north!!

Enough about their first 20 what have I been doing??

Well, I took some quick pics of my tire because its been going flat...**insert sad face**
I have been determined to change my bike tire BY.MYSELF.SINCE. LAST.YEAR!

This morning I watched a couple of YouTube videos and then I went to Target to get a new tube.  I purchased the bike last spring from Target so I figured I could get the tube there too.

Success. Kind of....

 I thought my bike had 26" inch wheels....nope they are 28".  ( I bought a 26" tube) But, I didn't realize I bought the wrong size until AFTER I had my wheel off, tube out and then compared old to new.  UGH...(and I didn't take any pictures during this process...Savvy Blogger move there...haa!!) But trust me it happened.  

Rather than go out and buy the 28" tube I decided to blow up the old tube to see if I could find the hole and maybe just patch it.  I did this and then that darn tube stayed inflated!!! SERIOUSLY!!  It acted like a 3 yr. old stealing cookies but saying they didn't when they have crumbs all over their face.  YUP....I felt like the tube was laughing at me.  

I deflated it again and put it BACK in my tire and put the entire wheel back on my bike.  Then I fully pumped it up again.  And guess what???? It appears to be staying full......although, I don't trust it.  (Just like I wouldn't trust that 3yr. old...bwahaha!) 

I am nervous to go biking for fear it goes flat.  I plan on biking a bit close to the house tonight to try it out....and if it goes flat then I guess I will have to take it in for the professionals to check out.  Can't anything just be easy???

What else.....
My Saturday consisted of staining the play set!!! 
It has been years since we stained it ~ again no before picture but this is the after. 
 I am so GLAD to have THAT over with.  

Next up.
After I mowed I always get the urge to cut some you can see below I have two piles of brush/branches they are ready to be burned later.  

Finally has anyone ever seen these?? Some people love cereal and some people love Corn Flakes...OWEN is that person in our house.  A day with out a bowl is just not right so when I was at Sam's Club last week and saw Organic Purple Corn Flakes on sale I had to buy a box.

They were awesome!!

I think they actually stay crispy longer in milk too!! 
If you like cereal, Corn Flakes or the color PURPLE you should give them a try.

I don't think you will be disappointed.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

I don't know what I am feeling...

I could do a TBT post.....I could show some pictures of years past when I was eating healthy and had way more time to exercise daily.  It shows...and its true....if you put the work in you get results you are looking for!

 Then here is another time...I must have come home from a run or walk or a class at the Y and found daughter on the computer.  There was a time when she would take A LOT of selfies on photo booth and I use to photo bomb them whenever I could!

But wait!!! I thought this was classic!! I can tell I am heavier in this picture and I can see the santa's behind me on the shelf.  Holidays/winter is ALWAYS hard on ME and once again it shows through my face.  (Hate to admit it but this picture kind of represents what I have been feeling for a couple of days now.....why now??? Not sure??? But I have some ideas running through my head per usual!!)

 I have no idea what I was thinking or doing in this photo but yet another look.  If I had to guess its during an in between period.  Not winter but not summer...I am just kind of THERE.  Probably thinking once again..."What's Next?"....."Is this MY purpose??"....."Should I be doing something more with my time/energy to live life to its fullest???"

 I guess photo bombing by the selfie girl is fair play....
she got me this time and it appears as though we are having fun! 

 This was definitely a "thinner" time for me.  There is no way I could fit into these pants right now!! I believe this was about 4 years ago and I was dressing up for Panther week at school...maybe Homecoming week?? Anyway....trying to feel like a teen and probably the last time I felt like a teen...ha!

 And lastly, I kind of remember this self confession.  I think I just ate 6 cookies or something sweet that I know I should NOT have eaten.  But I remember feeling if I tell the truth that I really did just scarf down 6 of them then I would feel didn't work.  I also see the holiday season is starting up with the Thanksgiving cards behind we go again.

I do this.

I am all or nothing when I am eating well or badly.

I am all or nothing when I am exercising or feeling overwhelmed and sitting heavy.

I really want to be even on this road of more ups and downs...

I guess its just a little of what I am feeling right now and 

yet its what I seem to be ALWAYS feeling

as you can see by my past.


That I may have passed these feelings or genes unto my girls.

I don't want them to go through this wishy washy mess 
of thoughts in my head that I continue to go through.

I love my life but I know I could LOVE it even more.