Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And just like that he is gone again......

Remember when this boy was JUST walking down the chute to board his plane to Washington DC???  Well, that came and went.  He got home and has enjoyed roughly a week of summer vacation.........which in his mind is NOT summer vacation at all.........

Owen's schedule most days looks something like this:  
1.  8-9:30 am Summer Running with the fall Cross Country team
2.  10:20 - 12:30pm  Monday thru Thursday Strength Training at school
3.  4-6PM Swimming.

Some days he can opt to skip summer running and go to the outdoor pool swim session from 8-10am...its a lot of extra running for mom here but its nice to have the option because he does need the practice in the outdoor pool before his couple of meets in July.  (They are at outdoor facilities so practice with the sun, wind and other elements is a necessity!!)

As you can see he IS busy but he DOES have down time.  HE however feels he does NOT have ENOUGH "Down Time" aka...playing Xbox with cousins and friends.  hahaha! 

Seriously, if the boy wasn't busy he would spend each and every waking moment playing video games....but, since he does have some strenuous activities I think its totally ok to let him chill in between with the Xbox.  That is what I like to call portion control....little bit of everything is just fine!

Well today is a new day and a new adventure for the boy........

He left with 2 chaperones and 4 other kids (yes, small group but some are better than none) from our church and he is headed to North Dakota.   This is a mission trip to help out at a Boys and Girls Club Camp.  They will help sort clothing at their thrift store which is run by the camp.  They will be getting sweaty and dirty by helping to paint some buildings and they will participate in some camp activities with the kids who are attending camp this week.

This is HIS first type of "mission trip" like this.  I think it will be a great opportunity for the kids from church to bond some while driving the 5 hour road trip and for the group to help others in a way they wouldn't normally do so.  

I can't believe he is gone again for 5 days!!

There is definitely a different feeling around the house when he is gone.  Whether he is gone over night at a friends' house or gone for days like this.  It's quieter.  It frees up my time a lot!  It almost feels like I'm an empty nester.  Or a practicing one for sure.  The girls both drive and kind of do their own thing....Owen being the baby at 14 still gets most of my attention whether he needs it or not ....maybe I just need to know I can still tell someone that its time for him to go to bed.  ha!

I know he will have fun.

I know he will come home with stories.

I know he will be serving others which is simply wonderful at that.

I know he will be back before we know it.....

And I know this is what SUMMER VACATION is all about!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day.....

I am going to try to keep my personal feelings about this holiday and others similar to it (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Donut Day, Sibling Day, Running Day and on and on and on...) out of this post and simply show you pictures of the Father's in my life...

 The father of our children...
 always up for a good time and a "sweet treat".

The father I grew up with.
My dad...who always enjoyed showing us his "tennis ball" he swallowed when just a kid and the fact that it has stayed in his bicep ever since...

Not sure if Owen is buying that story or not ???

My father in-law.
The MAN who is truly responsible for hubby and I meeting since HE is originally from MY hometown and HIS family still had THEIR family cabin in Detroit Lakes.

I know right???!!!

After 100 years ?? The same land had been passed down from generation to generation.  It was finally MY hubs turn to have a "boy's" weekend up there and that's when we happen to meet!! 

Long story short ~ we met at the Holiday Inn, my friends and I met up with his friends later, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

So, if there hadn't been BOB (FIL) whose family had the DL connection and the cabin we would never have met.  Yup, we owe it all to him.  

(And God~it was his plan after all )

Can't imagine my life without them.

With their special quirks and all; 
 we are lucky and blessed.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

I think sometimes I LOVE TOO MUCH ~ I just show it in funny ways.....

It's summer vacation and since I work at a preschool that follows the school district's calendar I have summers off with the kiddos.  This can be good for when I am needed to run the youngest to his activities or just to simply get things done.  But this can also be bad.  Too much time together can make one or two lazy and can result in my MOM voice coming out!

The good times are Great!!

The bad times are NOT so great and after my mom voice has been unleashed it usually ends with kids  running to their respective rooms, dashing to the basement, or the silent treatment / complete ignorance between all.

 Some times we are happy ..... even though the oldest often refuses pictures I still get a few.

The oldest is 99.9% moving out this fall.  
She has lived at home all her life and just turned 20.  She didn't go away to college so she has never experienced any time on her own.  She is definitely CRAVING her own place!! 

I cannot blame her.

However, she has had her share of health scares.
Last year she was in and out of the hospital  A LOT.

She is doing much better and simply in a better place with work and life stress.

She currently has a lead position with PetSmart and LOVES her job.  She has always loved her time spent with animals and even though her new apartment has a no-pet policy she will still get plenty of pet time at work.  

After all the apartment is temporary and pets are forever.....her time will come.

So when I say I LOVE TOO MUCH ~ I mean my MOM voice is meant to teach, share, help and encourage each of my kiddos to be the best they can be.

It is meant to give them tips on cleaning up and picking up after themselves.

It is meant for life lessons.....learn how to interact with others who don't always agree with you.

It is meant for thankfulness.  I will honestly tell you what I think while many out there will fake it.

It is meant for growth.  There were many years of sweetness but now reality can be sour.  

The mama bird doesn't feed her baby worms forever.

The mama bird doesn't let her baby sit in the nest forever.

The baby has to figure out those things called wings.  They need to fly ~ they need to be able to find food on their own and they need to be able to get away from danger and KNOW when danger is present.  

Does the mama bird love her baby?? YES, of course.  Just like I love mine.

Kiddos if you are reading......


With that said, I want you to be the BEST YOU possible.

God put you here for a reason and a season.

Don't let another season go by ~ by sitting on your phone, by watching Netflix, by scanning YOuTube, or your life!!!

Only you are truly responsible for the outcome of your life.....
PLEASE remember that!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

And then this happened........

 We have a SENIOR in the house....
 She is a little excited about her last year don't cha think??

 Owen will be a Freshman!! 
Only high schoolers in this house now...
at first he wasn't that excited (above)...

But then....

LOOK at his excitement (below)...
Seriously boy!


Here's to growing up???!!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What I am SO OVER with ........Part 3 and final!

OK lets just do a quick recap and then you can read the older posts if you so choose.  

 #1 The mild concussion I received from our turbulent plane ride and thus the post-concussion symptoms I am still experiencing.
#2 The feeling that I am responsible for my children's everything!!
food choices, exercise, entertainment, friends, learning, behavior, independence, will, performance at school at work or with sports, motivation, cleanliness, rudeness, politeness ok??? Get the point??

#3 and Final because we're moving on people.

My girls, which is becoming more just the middle child, wearing all my clothes.

I guess I should be flattered right?  My daughter is enjoying her last day as a Junior at her high school  and yet she prefers to go through MY closet every day to look for clothes.  What JUNIOR almost SENIOR does that???  And if it were just my closet I may be like, "Meh, no big deal we can share clothes?!" 

But, it doesn't stop there.

Later I go to get dressed.  I decide to wear my black tank naturally I then reach for my black bra....WAIT! It's MISSING!! WHAT>!@$

yup, daughter wore it .... guess I'll pick a new something.

I may choose my pants that I know are a tad too tight in the rear but that's ok because I have a certain pair of "slimming undies" which helps to cover that and doesn't show panty lines....WAIT!!

yup daughter wore them...good thing they were clean.....guess I didn't really want to wear those pants any way.

Now, thank goodness these examples did NOT happen on the same day ~ but they have happened. And they have happened more than once.  

Over the school year (when I am working) I had to start telling her what I would be wearing the next day just to be sure she didn't decide to wear it too.
**this also includes shirts, sweaters, and shoes/boots**

Yes, she has her own clothes.
Yes, we go shopping.

and yes, I tell her IF she needs something new TELL ME~we can go shopping again!

However, I often find she responds with an "It's fine or and I'm fine."

Because of Part 2 pretty much.  I am guessing her thoughts go something like this:

Why go shopping for a black bra when I can wear mom's?

If we go shopping then I can't check Instagram for the 5,000th time...

Shopping does not sound like fun....

Um, no thanks because you usually get mad at me when I take selfies while shopping... 

What, I don't wear your clothes???

So yea, I am over it.  

So I become bad mom for yelling when I find my black bra on HER floor mixed in HER dirty clothes ...REALLY?

Today is the last day of school.
Hoping its not a long summer of teachable moments...
although for one of us it just maybe...

Feeling Freer by the second!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What I am SO over with .....Part 2

(I don't know why but I feel these should be in numerical order.  Although yesterdays ~ Part 1~ was pretty much being "over" my concussion symptoms and I numbered them even though they could have been lumped together as a BIG #1 of what I am there I will start with #2 ...after all it is PART 2 right?)

2.  FEELING like it is MY fault if my kiddos aren't "doing" more, "planning" more, "learning" more, "talking" more, "interacting" more, "growing up" more, dare I say "advancing" more, and being "independent" more!
(And no my kids are NOT infants, toddlers, or elementary aged children.  They are 20, almost 18, and 14 in years of life on this earth!)

I know, I know blame it on technology.  Because of these phones who needs to go do when everyone is homing swiping?  Well, sorry children are hanging with the couch or their bed more and the only thing getting exercise are their fingers.  They are swiping and liking all the activities it appears that OTHERS are out DOING!!!

I know blame it on social media because we all get caught up in finding out what everyone else is busy doing.  Thank god there wasn't "social media" when I was in high school because the pictures we would be posting would be my friends and I slathering on the baby oil while forming our perfect "V" out of tinfoil so we could suntan for hours (the tinfoil V was so more sun could reflect off of it and onto our face...what were we thinking???) And that's only after pouring lemon juice in our wet hair.   HAHA!!  Boring maybe.  Cancerous maybe.  Stupid maybe.  

Better than sitting on the couch with the friendly phone??


But we were learning....experimenting....interacting....talking...growing....doing....and becoming more independent.  

UGH...who knows where I am going with this but does anyone else just want MORE for their children?  That's all I want.  I guess I am guilty for wanting my kiddos to experience MORE of life.  More than their bed.  More than the couch.  More than the feeling of getting 34 or 134 LIKES on a photo....feel the burn, feel the sand in your toes...feel the crunch of the dried out, sun bleached hair.

However that only begs the question...Maybe they don't want MORE and who am I to make them think their life is in need of MORE?  Mine is not theirs.  Theirs is not Mine.

So the thoughts run a muck in my head.

You wonder why I still have post-concussion headaches and dizziness?!

I try to LET IT GO ~ like Anna and Elsa from FROZEN sing about; but what is that really doing me.  The mother who is damned is you don't do enough.  Damned if you do too much.  And damned if you do your own life.  

For now I am moving in the direction of being "Damned by doing my own life".  As I stated previously my kiddos are older and the saying goes "we learned everything we need to know in kindergarten".  My kids should then know everything and if they don't they need to figure it out on their own and or  KNOW to come to me and ask if they can't.  Right?!

waiting for Part 3......

Monday, June 5, 2017

Lets just call this "What I am SO over with...." Part 1

I have no other way to start, so lets just begin.....

Yes, this is my personal diary...for whoever may stumble upon and read...with that in mind the thoughts and opinions are completely MY own.  I never claim to be a therapist, I never claim to be a nutritionist, and I would never claim to be a scientist (meh, it rhymed ok?)  But, I do have opinions about life ~ especially when it comes to parenting, jobs, random social media hype, and food.  

** also, I figure peeps don't always want to link back to other information so now and then I give a little back story so you can catch up **

A few weeks ago I was on the MOST turbulent plane ride in my life!! 
I survived (duh) and I also got a mild concussion.
Surviving was sweet...the concussion has been sour.

Random symptoms I am still dealing with include but are not limited too:
1.  Dizziness after "doing too much" which when I say "too much" that doesn't even include exercise. It simply includes chores around the house, running errands, going to church and pulling weeds...I mean REALLY? Too much??? I guess my head thinks so...

2.  Headaches.  Ugh....I never use to get headaches and now if I get dizzy I also get these headaches...again telling me and my body its time to quit everything and REST.

3.  Moodiness...Who wouldn't be right???
I have been waiting for THIS season all year long and now that it is here I cannot even enjoy it to its fullest...but, I am trying to be grateful.  I know, I know, it could be worse...others have it worse....and I had it worse....My symptoms are getting better so be grateful. Period.

4.  This weird new realization that life is too be lived ~  I have NO control how others want to live their life thus I just need to LIVE MY LIFE!!!

and with that I will be back later.....