Thursday, October 20, 2016

I really just needed to post so I didn't have to see my "bad hair day while drinking" photo every time I blog hopped.....

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!! Eeeek!  I am always amazed as to how fast a year goes by and yet when living the day to day chores it feels like the hours crawl by so slowly sometimes too.  Life is kind of funny like that. 

One day we are babies and the next day we are high school graduates.  One day we are in college and the next day we are planning our wedding.  One day we are freaking out when that little blue line shows up on the pregnancy test and the next day we are a family of 5 who carve pumpkins together while watching Halloween movies and searching for the coolest jack o lantern face on our phone.

How did this all happen so quickly?
(and this was a year ago)

We are 11 days from yet another Halloween.  And we are moments from traveling north to spend a few days with cousins and grandpa and grandma during MEA break.  MEA-the time when teachers use to take a break from school to be educated together for a few days on more school issues.  I don't know if anyone uses the break for educational purposes any more.  Now it just seems like a time for teachers to catch up on their classroom stuff or to take a break themselves.  

Speaking of "a break"......I saw a friend at the Y this morning that I hadn't seen in months.  She asked if I was still at my preschool job or did I decide to take a break?!  Hmmmm, did she know I was just blogging about becoming the next greatest radio personality?  Did she think I was going to go on the craft beer tour of America?  (If there was such a thing ~ sign me up!)

It must have been my puzzling look that gave me away because she quickly followed up with ...."Remember when you talked about running for the local School Board but you didn't think your opinions would be well received IF you were also an employee of the district"...... OH, YEA ~ that!!

Dang.  One more great adventure that I didn't follow through with.  (I guess since it is election season,  she was probably looking for one of my signs in the local neighborhoods and since she didn't see any; she figured she should just ask.  ;-)  

See what I mean friends.  I feel like I am never content with my current state.  Whatever that may be. To be employed somewhere, full time, for more than 3 years is a record for me.  I need change.  I need involvement.  (OK, not really but if my hubby is reading he is probably laughing right now!)

Well, enough of this rambling.  I need to finish doing something before we pick up the boy and head out of town.  Except for hubby and Nicole who have to work and hang out with the animals.  They will get their time off too.....just another time.  ;-)  

Until next post.....go out there and do something.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I want to be part of a radio show where I can share the "Average 47 year old female's point of view!!" Call ME!

In no random order the following pictures will highlight why I feel I would be an awesome radio personality.  If you have a connection to any talk show out there please call me....I am in the need of a place to voice my opinion of each and every politically incorrect issue in talk these days.

1.  I will talk beer with you even on a bad hair day.

2.  I laugh at myself and others just the same.

3.  Selfies happen

4.  I don't even care if I embarrass my own mother.

5.  Heck, I will even pose with Mary Poppins if given the chance.

6.  Beer ~ did I mention we could talk about beer?

7.  Who else roasts there beets in the shape of a heart?


9.  FroYo is a close second.

10.  I am ok with talking every subject with my kids....whether they look at me or not.

11.  Even when my kids spend a night in the ER and we learn they have a blood disorder ~ I still can get a thumb's up for a photo!  <3 p="">

12.  Biking with but if you look closely at my bottom teeth....ScArY!!

 13.  I have a weird talent of making pancakes in the shape of butt cheeks.

I want to be YOUR sidekick on your talk/radio show!

We would have a blast and no subject would be untouched.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend overload at our new Favorite tap was a Grand Opening I won't forget.

Victoria, MN

 I even sported the t-shirt and hubbies glasses.
 Getting the "tour" from Jason the Brewmaster...
 Downstairs was the bar brought over from the old tap room....
I made hubby sit by it for a quick pic.
 More photos from upstairs....
 A photo of the backyard....
food trucks, bean bag toss, bands 
 The bags under my eyes are getting bigger and pie eyed for sure!

I don't remember this photo but I think its one of my favorites since I don't look too old.

By overload I mean I had too much to drink and I am too old for that.  It is our favorite local beer right now but it is also a mean 40 minute drive.  Which sucks when you have had too much beer.

It's painted a very gold and grey.  Grey was probably chosen to dull the GOLD.  Their first beer crafted is named Victoria's Gold.  It's named after the city of course, and its a Cream Ale so very golden in color; thus the GOLD paint inside.

Believe it or not this happens to be the same color of our old family cabin.....

and since the sale of the cabin a couple of years ago hubby has painted a room in our basement that same gold color.  Needless to say we were feeling VERY AT HOME in the new ENKI tap room.

(A bit too much I guess......)

We (I) survived.  I may not drink any time soon but we will see.....right now it is the one thing that brings some anxiety/stress relief to me while I am trying to figure out so many crazy thought running through my head each and every moment of the day.  

Why must I question everything?

Why can't I just roll with things?

Why do I let things bug me?

Why don't I want a supervisory type role in life when my insides are screaming to tell others what to do?

What is my purpose?

Where do I belong?

I am contemplating a lot of stuff right now......I need a "thinking spot"....just so it doesn't become my "drinking" spot too.  ha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My favorites...that color....a photo bomber....and what is wrong with me???

 Recently, the family went out together.  I know right?  All five of us together...its a rare thing these days and its even more rare when daughter on the left will allow me to take her picture.  We went to a local apple farm but we didn't read the fine print on line before getting there.  Yes, it is an apple farm but no, we cannot pick our own apples.

They had them picked already in bags for purchase.  And they were kind of spendie if I do say so myself....however, we bought a bag of their locally grown ones and a jar of pumpkin butter.  They also had caramel apples, apple butter, pies, fudge and such.  Then we were off to Northfield for some walking, shopping and dinner.

 My friend and I also went to a craft beer tasting recently.  Seriously YUM!  These were just a few of my favorites that I chose to take a picture of...........YUM!

 The apple farm also had a rose garden which we could walk around, sit within, and take pictures of.  I snapped this one because I spied a little something in action when I went down to have a closer smell of it.   Can you spy it too?

Last weekend was homecoming over here.  Kenzie went with her good friend Jordan and about 11 other "friendly" couples.  They had a great time and we had a little photo bomber in our picture.  

Ya want to know what else I noticed in this picture?  That my eyes get smaller and squinty when my cheeks get rounder and fatter....but, dang those beers were and are sooo good!!! 

Why can't we drink what we want and eat what we want whenever we want with out any positive gains in our cheeks, butt and thighs???  Why ~ please tell me why ~ ;-)

And on another note..................................................something hubby has told me often in our relationship but I tend to scoff at it or simply ignore it;  and I quote as if he is saying it, "You can't relate because you don't have any empathy".  What?!$#  

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings or attitude of another.

Empathy is the most important skill you can practice. It will lead to greater success personally and professionally and will allow you to become happier the more you practice.  That must be the key... I have to practice!

But its soooooo hard!  And that is a perfect topic for yet another post..............til then.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Apple sentence per picture!

 All dressed up and ready to run!

The bib she wore to school on Friday to remind others about the meet.  

 One of my views out on the course during a lull in between races.

I spy our girls in the middle in red during the awards ceremony (about 1/3 of the kids) 

 The girls receiving their honors for 3rd team finish overall.

Photo full of smiles. 

After its over I asked her to show me the meet t-shirt.  

Congrats Panthers!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Apple Jack time again...

 I can't believe these are the only two pictures I took last year
 before the Apple Jack Cross Country meet.  

(proof once again...Owen needs to work on that smile...ha!)

The Apple Jack is our HOME hosted meet.

Hard to believe it is the 51st Apple Jack this year too.  I obviously was not around for the majority of the meets but I have been a spectator, a volunteer, the fundraiser director in years past and this year hubby and I are the Course Marshals.  Where will it end?  Maybe one year we will actually be in charge of the entire event!!  

Bwahahahaha!!  (I can pretty much say with most certainty ~ that won't happen!!)

So today my mission involves this in very random order:

1.  Take more pictures while on the course

2.  Listen really well for the gun to go off at the start...(one of my duties is to start the 2-mile clock as soon as the gun goes off)

3. Do as much as I can to see that no "lead runners" cut corners or cheat....What???$! Would high school runners actually do this?  Yea~they may.  

4.  We have had mucho rain recently and parts of the course are pretty drenched.  PRAY that no one twists an ankle or a knee in a wet spot or God help us if a runner were to fall and break something.

5.  Enjoy myself!! It's suppose to be 73 and a partly sunny ~ We couldn't ask for much better!!

Until tomorrow.....when I will be sharing some pictures from the big race!! 

Go Panthers!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good thing she remembered because I just about missed it....

The first day of school pictures!!! Oh my goodness we have been doing these for years.  Always in front of the same door, always with their back pack and maybe with or with out a sibling.  This year we almost had to "fake it" and "take them on day 2" but, NO ~ whew! ~ Good thing Ms. Junior here was all ready and remembered....

5 minutes before they were about to leave I heard....

"Mom, aren't you going to take the 1st day of school pictures?"

Oh yea...

(just let me finish my sip of coffee, one more sentence in this blog, and oops-where is my phone??
priorities right??  ha!!)

I got them..not to worry.

Junior this year.

 8th grade and final year in middle school.

 Buds til the end...

She is leaning a bit but I think he has passed her in!

One week in and all is well.