Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Be a Nice Human


Recently a teacher at my school suggested we have t-shirt Tuesday.

Teachers should wear a t-shirt that has something "interesting" on it.  Some examples are motivational quotes, Science quotes...."Be like a proton ...Stay Positive., Smile etc....I wore my t-shirt that read...."Be a Nice Human".

The only problem I didn't think of when I chose to wear it and a cardigan over it was,  you can't really read it.   UGH!  I really wanted every kid I passed in the hall to read it and I would have accomplished this goal had a just worn a long sleeve UNDER the short sleeve but, I didn't.  I wore the cardigan over it and its cold in the school so I was not about to take it off.

So my shirt pretty much read..a NIC (first line) Hum(second line)......because the other letters were covered up by my sweater.  Seriously, what was I thinking????

Now, I know why I got the looks I did.....haha!

I will do better next time for sure! 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some random happenings lately.....

 You know its Cross Country season when it has rained for 3 days straight and they hold the meet on the 4th day.  Of course, the grass is still wet.  Of course, 200 some kids running through that grass is going to slosh up a lot of mud.....and of course the kids laughed and "appeared" to love every minute of it.  I mean really???? Would you ever do this kind of running if it wasn't with your team for a meet?

 My friend and I went to an Octoberfest gathering at a local park.  They listed there would be 20+ vendors on hand, music, a llama, and food/drink for the evening.  Little did we know the 20+ vendors were primarily the food and drink guys along with some insurance peeps, a phone service, and our electric company.  HA!  Needless to say we hung out more with the llama and the beer than the others.....

And finally,  we went home to celebrate my uncle's 80th Birthday.  The below pictures was our attempt to get a photo of all the cousins that were present and the birthday boy in the middle plaid shirt.  I have never enjoyed the "regular"/ "boring" pose when you just stand there and smile so YES, can you find me??????

Maybe you need another chance?
Can you find the one that looks a little different?

OK...really you must be able to see me now?

I told everyone to make fun faces and do something different....some did not obviously hear me, others were talking, and still a few were figuring out what "fun face" to make......I did my own thing as usual...and went with the fishy face.  

Isn't fun to be the one who beats to her own drum?!

And that's what has been happening around here....

Sunday, September 2, 2018

These are very random and oh so long ago....21 pictures for our gal who turned 21 in May....

One thing I discovered when looking back over my photos for pictures of Nicole.....she isn't the goofy picture poser like her younger sister.  As much as I thought I had more "silly" photos of her I couldn't come across very many.  

Her photos were mostly posed,  mostly "normal", and mostly "dare I say cute"?!  (Not that Kenzie's weren't cute but they were just stupidly silly and fun) where as Coley is more my down to earth....take the photo and be done gal.  

They have always had different personalities but not until really looking at these photos did I see it ~ and how completely reflective the pictures are to the unique person they truly are present day.

The years do go by so fast...

When she made a bowling ball and pins for my birthday!

Dressing up for Halloween with her horse.

Loving the pumpkin guts...

taking selfies in the dressing room...what did we do before our phones?

quite the reflection in the eyes...

Her first boy crush...

Loving her hat she received at one of her birthdays..

Actually posing...SO CUTE!

When too old to trick and treat you get to stay home and help hand out candy...

Love Ya Girlie!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Because sometimes when you are casually looking over old photos and then you come across just have to share them!!!

 Makenzie you never fail to entertain us....whether alone taking selfies or sporting a hood that was cut off a hoodie.  Hard to believe you will soon be off and sharing your spirit with many others who will cross paths with you.  

All I can say it LUCKY them!!

And don't worry Owen and Nicole you will have your day of pictures too......

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Well at least the boy has been active.....

 We traveled to Austin, MN about a month ago for the Long Course Regional Championships....he did well in his 15/16 age group and gained a few more state times before the summer season came to an end.

Of course, we had to visit the SPAM Museum too.  And the boy couldn't go home without being outfitted with a SPAM t-shirt and shorts to match.

The following week we enjoyed the STATE LONG COURSE MEET held at the U of MN.  He earned a medal in the 800 and 1500....long events at the long course meet were good to him.  
Congrats Owen!

And finally.......
the last official "swim meet" of the summer.

The state OUTDOOR swim meet was held at Shady Oak Lake in Hopkins.

 The below pictures are a few of his close friends who also swam that was a perfect "weather" day for a 5k swim.

And kudos to their swim club.  Most of the team had left by the time we realized we had won 1st place for team points!  Those that were still around happily accepted the banner and took a quick photo too.

 Above is Owen running through the finish and below the top 4 swimmers in the 15/16 age group.  Owen was pleased to get a 2nd place medal!

Nice job guys!!

Be a Nice Human

      Recently a teacher at my school suggested we have t-shirt Tuesday. Teachers should wear a t-shirt that has something "...