Monday, August 29, 2016

Just feel like sharing my 2 cents...

Seriously, who in this day and age still picks up pennies when they see them on the ground?  If I did, I may have even more than two cents to share but, today while leaving the gas station I noticed a dime on the ground and I walked right over it.

It still kind of bugs me....there was a time when I would pick up any and every coin I found and yet I didn't today.  Why?  Who knows.....I think part of me thought "Oh, the germs!"  So many people have probably walked on the coin and think of all those germs!  (And then another part of me thought, "What would others say if they noticed a 47 year old woman stopping mid-step to pick up .10?" )

And now I think WHO CARES what others would think and thank goodness I didn't pick it up because I have watched Dr. Oz do the 5 second drop rule thing....on food...and the germs food can pick up from simply a 5 second touch is disgusting.  Imagine the germs on the dime ~ and who knows how long it laid there.

Whew!! Saved myself a million anxiety thoughts from the hypochondriac part of my brain. ;-)

**** I saw a quick headline on the internet about a guy who got 1 penny from 2.5 million people....???? Really??? How much money would that be??  Maybe I need to start a specific savings jar of "Only money I found/picked off the ground" and after a year I would like to see the total I would acquire.  Hmmm, I think I just found my 2017 New Year's Resolution...and this may be one resolution I stick with!****

And why is it that one day you can be SO productive and the next day not?  

Yesterday was the most productive I have been in a long time.  I think I was busy from the time I woke up until 7:00pm.  Painting, laundry, cooking, cleaning out the garage, gathering items to be given to the Good will and ending with a strength training class at the Y.  (Kind of getting tired just thinking about it again)

However, today I got up to go to a cycle class from 6-6:45 and since then I have been a puddle.  Yes, I did a few things but nothing major and really just moving from one chair to a couch to another chair through out the day.

Alas, things are about to change for the better .....I have a 3-hour shift at the Y from 4:30-7:30pm tonight.  It will do my butt good to get off of it for that time; play with the kids and catch up with my co-workers.

Hard to believe its the last Monday of Monday is Labor Day and then school and more specifically MY PRESCHOOL starts again.  Busy, Busy, busy!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Friday Features and Follies

Yes, I did my best to highlight the letter "F" (in the title) on this fabulous final Friday in August.  And since I like to keep it "freakin'" clean around this blog I left out a special "F" word which I could have used ~ because lately I may have used it in MY HEAD ONLY,  you're welcome!!!


The boy is 13 going on 9.  He so badly needs to school to start!! Ever since we gave him his sister's "cracked" iPhone when SHE decided to buy herself a new one he has lived on THAT thing.  Pokemon Go has overtaken his life.  From my perspective I kind of think the craze of that game has faded a little.  I don't see as many kids out walking or biking holding their phones and looking up, then down, up and then down again.

Not with Owen...he still plays it and he often enjoys playing it or any other random game on his iPad from the comfort of his bed.  This morning I had to MAKE him get dressed and brush his teeth..just so that he could run errands with me.  I know not what a boy wants to do but I had to get him off his bed and out of the house.


Still dealing with the effects of the pulled hamstring.  aka....he hasn't played a round of golf since the tournament up north.  Although, I am beginning to wonder if a pulled muscle can effect ones thought processes.  He has been more forgetful lately than ever.  Working, drinking, and retracing his steps to "Where in the world did he leave his specs!" has taken up a lot of his time lately.


She started a 2-year program on Monday the 22nd.  She seems to think this will be a nice fit for her with the smaller class size and focus on the specific degree rather than having to take generals all over again.  My hope for her is that she joins some clubs/activities so that she can meet some more people and start networking for her future job.

She has been the main caretaker of our new bunny - Hazel and as much fun as it is to have a new pet it is also a lot of work.  The bunny needs daily exercise and sitting out back with her while she is in her pen (to be sure she doesn't get out or a hawk doesn't come down and grab her) has become more tiresome since the mosquitos and bees tend to be out in full force.  UGH!

After being on steroids for 3 weeks she is finally being weened.  YEAH!  Her ITP did not take a dip like it had months prior so we are very hopeful that the surge in steroids jump started the body to "NORMAL" and not the "abnormal" roller coaster of platelet counts we were experiencing.

She has to continue to have weekly blood draws for a month or so and then they will cut back to every two weeks and so on as long as they stay within the normal range.


Her fall is in full swing.  It kind of starts with her birthday, followed by a 3-day "get away" with her cross country team for some running and bonding and ends with more practices which leads right to the start of school and homework!  ;-)

My hope for her is that she takes time to be free of her iPhone and really comes to a happy place in her life.  As a junior things can be very stressful.  (especially parents) Enough of waiting for others to come, for others to make a change, or for others to jump start for you.  My hope ~ find what fuels YOU, for YOU, BY YOU, because of YOU!!

YOU are worth need to visualize it, believe it, and do it!!


I would like to self diagnose and say I kind of was in a depression through June and July.  I couldn't grasp this ITP stuff happening to Nicole and I didn't like it.  I had many emotions and it seemed that I was the only one feeling those emotions.  Drinking and eating helped pass the hours.  (especially when I was alone)

By the time a family trip to Wisconsin Dells came around in August I was a little apprehensive if it would even be worth it.  Well worth it it was!!! I think I needed that more than any of us.  Nicole was on her steroids, it was fun being away from the usual house stuff and it was the first time having so many of us together which didn't Detroit Lakes.  Win, Win, Win!!  I definitely came back feeling refreshed.

I have since started working out again (something I also didn't do for those 2 months).  I am enjoying the classes at the Y and trying to make better "healthier" food choices once again.

Oh yes, I have had my beer, too many cookies one night, and an awesome patty melt another.  But believe me those indulgences are nothing compared to what I indulged in daily for 2 months.  (I think there was a week there where I had ice cream and a lot of it every single night).  Yikes.

Life is full of ups and downs friends.  Some of us seem to have more ups and others tend to receive more downs; its hard but eventually it too comes round.  

Suck it up buttercup!

We are all struggling.  Whose struggle is worse than another's is not for us to decide.  You have to deal with yours and I will deal with mine.  

Some of us need others to pull us up and out of the hole.

Some of us need our own self talk to convince our brain - Now is the time!

Some of us like to blame others.

Some simply say "poor me".

Suck it up buttercup!

Figure out what will work for you to be the best YOU and DO IT.

Now go out there and have a great weekend...its the last weekend in August after all.....enjoy it! live it! breathe it! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

She is officially 17 and that's ONE GNARLY BRUISE!

 It took a little while for the smile to appear but when it finally did she was a very happy girl!

What is it about this guy and a Steven Universe figurine to bring out the happy grin?

Maybe it was because he also put together the biggest card ever!! Some construction paper, tape, and random photos of years ago and WaaLaa!! The Best Card ~ of course most pictures were also given a special one-liner and that totally added a few laughs from all of us.

I also got her this lovely crown.
We waited until she had showered this time before snapping a picture. 
Nicely done Kenz...You are a beautiful princess!!

 And then we were off....
About a week ago she and Nicole went to see Suicide Squad.  They both came home saying they thought it was pretty good and they really liked the music in it.  I didn't realize it was another D.C.  production with Batman, Joker and some new characters too.  I was kind of interested in seeing it myself.  ;-)  So we all went....matinee style of course.  

My review:  The music was good ~ straight from my generation!
Overall plot ~ pretty stupid
New character ~ Harley Quinn MADE.The. MOVIE! (she is the love interest of the Joker ~ a female lunatic I guess one could say)
Final grade ~ B-

And if you read my blog then you may remember I mentioned a few posts back that hubby pulled his hamstring while up north playing in a golf tournament.  (He did not pull it golfing rather he did pull it while "trying to attempt" to waterski "one last time")
and that's one gnarly bruise for the books!

P.S.  Today is just about my best day ever.....78 degrees and sunny with a 25 mph cool breeze.  Kenzie left for 3 days on a cross country "team bonding" get away, Owen is at a friends house for the afternoon, Coley started DCTC and I am doing wash, mowed the yard, played with the bunny, making STUFT Mama's "Seedy bread recipe" and enjoying my quiet time currently.  Ahhhh....

Friday, August 19, 2016

One is older, her name is Hazel, and the other is exhausted....

 Well, this happened one year ago tomorrow (Aug. 20th) which makes today HER last day of being 16!  There will be no cake pops tomorrow or 16 different kinds of candy to accentuate her number of years but there will be gifts.

Special birthday plates are a necessity right?

A birthday ritual (I think we all look forward to is having the birthday person choose the place to eat on their special day) I still can't believe Kenzie says "She doesn't want to go out"....what??!!%$#

All of our faces kind of look like Owen's below....
 Since when does one NOT want to go out on their birthday?  I sure hope she changes her mind because I don't want pork chops with veggies instead...

And yes, what you see is what you guessed....we caved and now we are owners of a bunny named Hazel!

 Here she is enjoying her run we made up with Nicole keeping a close eye to be sure she can't squeeze through any openings.

And after vacations, setting up the bunny hutch, and unpacking Nicole was exhausted.  I am thinking Rudy and Dora are probably wondering why we needed ANOTHER animal when we already have 3.    But in the end they don't care as long as they still have a spot to sleep themselves.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

UPDATES on the weekend......Am I really that bad???

Well its about that time again.  Olympic time people!! I am getting ready to sit heavy for 3 hours of fun, excitement, sweat and scream filled pleasure and the best part??? Its all free.  (kind of, I mean yea ~ we pay for cable and all but, I am not going anywhere and not spending money at the moment so I feel its free) Anyway...........

It's been awhile so, I thought I would catch you up on a few things happening around here...

1.  My ding, dang darn 8 pound dog is having a barking frenzy outside my window....and I just realized why....the ice cream truck is driving by playing their Christmas music and drawing the neighbor kids out of their houses to buy ice cream from a stranger in a pink polka dotted van.  Think about how we teach our kids to NOT be lured by strangers to a car with candy....and yet the ice cream truck lives on.  Isn't it ironic?  Don't cha think?

2.  My daughter and hubby went north for the past few days so hubs could play in a little golf tournament with his brother and nephew from Colorado.  He is 51 and enjoys coffee, doughnuts, Diet Mt. Dew,  lunches out during the work week, and craft beer on the weekend.  He doesn't exercise daily but, sometimes he thinks he can just "pick up exercise from where he left off years ago".

(Instead of gradually easing into any exercise routine I often think he just likes to "Go for it")

Hence, he had an off day after his first round and decided to try his luck at water skiing again.  I am guessing he even started on 2 skis and then dropped one so he could prove his slalom skills were still there.....I am also guessing his skills have flew the coup after a few years. ;-)

What happened?  He pulled his hamstring and thought he may have to forfeit his final rounds of golf.  But wait, just as in any infomercial..... theres more..... he sucked it up, taped his hammy, and played another round only to be outplayed by a 17 year old lassie.

Now he is drinking on a pontoon alone and my daughter is sending text after guilty text trying to convince me why I should let her bring home a bunny.  What@?!$ A bunny?  We have a dog and two cats, really a bunny??? Who knows, I am known to be a sucker for animals....

3.  My soon to be 17 yr. old (second daughter, middle child, why me?, let me be, I just wanna watch TV) daughter is giving me ulcers.  What am I doing wrong here?  Should parenting have to be this difficult?

I am an honest Abe kind of Introvert.  I love my people time in VERY SMALL AMOUNTS.  I LOVE my alone time in VERY LARGE AMOUNTS.  Looking back I did what I did in high school to fit in and push myself through some very uncomfortable times.  I guess you could say I was friends with the "popular" kids but never felt "part of their crowd".  They didn't do any thing to make me feel unwanted, odd, awkward, I just felt uncomfortable ~ most of the time.

***But, I still went to all the high school games, dances, parties, and sleep overs with my friends.  I went to their house to chat, watch tv, or "walk around".  When we actually walked around to meet friends and not look for Pokemon. ***

Now I know why I felt uncomfortable...being an introvert leads me in that direction.  Although, even when I first met my husband HE thought I was a total extrovert.  (I guess I had a lot of built up ME time and I was ready for some HE time..ha!)

My kids tend to lean toward the introvert alley too.  Totes fine.  But, still do something.  Anything that brings YOU~ HER happiness.  She just doesn't seem happy and I don't know what to do about it.  She won't share her thoughts and I probably share way too much of mine with her.

She lives in the world of technology.  Yes, I said it....a virtual world of doing, chatting, going places, and hanging out with others from the basement couch or her bedroom.  It's virtual people.  We need to interact face to face with people to get use to communicating with people.  UGH.

It's been an exhausting weekend.  Mentally more than physically but exhausting none the less.

4.  The boy.  Well, as long as I have cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge he is happy.  And he hangs with his buddy while hanging with me and doing his sport stuff.  I realize he is 13....not too much he can do on his own yet....but, hey not every child can give me stress right?


And ME!!

I am trying to make better food choices and to be really aware of what I am eating when I am eating.  No processed.  Less beer.  Less if any bread and MORE vegetables.  I keep thinking of turtles during this time.....slow and steady gets the job done!

Don't rush it, don't get mad if there is a set back, just keep trudging and you will get to the goal....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

If you have nothing good to say then, say nothing at I give you pictures. ;-)

my sister...

Random fun from Wisconsin Dells:

pool hair ~ don't care

Breakfast at Perkins...half way home!
Even though they are smiling they were quite upset the fun was done ;-(

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oops I did it again......

I don't know if Brittany ever forgot to take a picture of HER mother on her birthday but, yes; I did it again.  *insert sad face...kind of.  You see I am not going to take full responsibility for the mom actually states ALL.THE.TIME. how SHE HATES having her picture taken.  

(the older I get I see her point...each wrinkle, each saggy eye lid, each chin, and the loose neck skin...why do we want to save a photo of that??? unless it can be doctored up with butterflies and snapchat fun duh!)

So maybe in my weird train wreck mind set that I often have when I am home....I simply didn't take my mom's photo so I didn't have to hear her state the obvious....she hates having her picture taken. 

 I found this one in my computer from about 5 years ago....picture her now at 71...HAPPY BDay!

And speaking of SnapChat......who doesn't want to have yellow butterflies in their hair? skin is not that flawless....I have to thank SnapChat for that too....and the "real" face is farther down ..sun blotchy and all.  ;-)

So what did I take a picture of?  This group of kids in line waiting for their turn with the piƱata.  What is it about a cardboard box filled with candy that brings kids of all sizes to an immediate line?
 And I did take a picture of this grandpa, my dad and my youngest niece who turns 1 tomorrow, and she also happens to be the youngest and last grandchild of the group.  A baker's dozen of grandchildren is a nice number to spoil rotten...and my parents do a fantastic job of that.

We are gearing up for the last hurrah of the summer.  Two of my three sister's and their families are coming our way on Saturday.  We will be hanging out for the night and then packing up most of us and heading to Wisconsin Dells for a few nights.  It's going to be hot.  It's going to be crazy.  I will probably have a beer in my hand most of the time and when I don't I will be sleeping.  ha!

Other than that we are still dealing with doctors, having blood draws, taking prednisone, and hoping all goes smoothly for a girl dealing with ITP ~ while on vacation.  We are getting another prescription of steroids to have extra on hand if necessary and listening to doctors orders of locating a hospital once there.

Anyone else have to do that??? Plan a vacation and then Google the closest hospital?  Oh the fun!

School supplies were also bought over the weekend....just 4 more years of doing that and then what will life be like when a September rolls around and I have no one needing tablets, pencils, folders, notecards etc.....I guess I will spend my extra money on some yummy fall craft beer.

I am beginning to see a rough pattern time=beer time, no family time=beer time....ha!