Sunday, January 15, 2017

What I posted on my Facebook today.......

WHY? In light of so many people questioning so many "things" these days I thought I would include I few things I still question myself....

1. Why can't I feel safe letting my child walk home from school when its within 2 miles and I may not want to pay money for busing?

2. Why do I hesitate when my kiddo wants to ride his bike to the gas station for a "treat" alone?

3. Why don't we show respect to people? Period.

4. Why do people abduct others?

5. Why do we support athletes making millions upon millions when others can barely make a mortgage payment?

6. Why do we "turn the other cheek" so to speak when SOME of those same athletes hit, get in fights, set a bad example to young kids with their words and general disrespect so often?

7. Why has college become so expensive that the average student often drops out or graduates so in debt its scary.....and yet, we support million dollar sports facilities to be built there and coaches to be paid millions to coach there?

8. Why do we give so much attention to actors/actresses who are being paid millions and TALK a good talk? 

9. Why don't we give more attention to the POOR and low income to help them out of poverty so they can walk a good walk?

10. Why do we have rallies upon rallies, marches, walks, etc.....when nothing seems to change and some times the simple act of bringing others together for a cause heightens energy on both sides, where words are exchanged, spit may be thrown, and before one knows it garbage cans are set on fire, cars are overturned, looting and rioting takes place?

11. Why can't we come together to truly make a change!?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Tuesday Tangents Eve....(You know kind of like Christmas Eve just "Tangent Style"....

Oh MY Goodness!!
I have become a winter driving ANXIETY ridden FREAK!!
 This is Kenzie....but I feel like I just want to lie on the floor and bawl.  UGH.  I won't do that but I will have a beer to "let go of" some of my panic attack, heart beating, head ache feeling, stomach churning, kind of anxiety.

I literally work less than 2 miles from my house and today we received about 1.5 inches of fresh snow.  Most would think NO BIG DEAL right?? No, not me!!! I heard from many parents while they were picking up their children from preschool to DRIVE SLOW!

It's slippery out there.

35 W is closed due to a major accident....(another few miles from my work)

My daughter still isn't home and last Monday we got an ice storm....she hit a stop sign while out driving.

Yea, to say I am kind of a freak when it comes to MN winter driving is an understatement.

I was suppose to work at the Y tonight but, I knew I just couldn't go back on the roads .....

I have never had a heart attack but at that moment my heart was pounding so hard that I am sure that is what it kind of feels like.

I called in to work.  I TRUTHFULLY told them I think I am having a slight panic/anxiety attack and can't come in.


Speaking of heart issues.......
this is the one picture my sister sent me of my dad a few days after Christmas ..... his blood pressure skyrocketed and he earned himself a night in the ICU.

He is doing much better now and is home....ugh...this heart stuff is scary business.

I recently wanted to add more color to my living room.

I love my new bull picture.....

It's bright,
It's big,
It's one heck of a conversation piece!

(I guess now I should invite someone over to start a conversation with..ha!)

I hope the weather is nice in your area. 
 I can't wait for April 1st!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

On the Twelve days After Christmas.....a new twist on an old family gave to me....

(Did you know that today is REALLY the 12th day after Christmas....January 6th...who knew??  Of course, when I realized THAT fun fact I thought it would be cute to put together my list of "gifts" that my family ~ aka...anyone in the world who is around me including but not limited to Mariah Carey....ha!

However,  instead of going through the entire song I will be giving you a shortened and "quick to the next day" version.  I think you will get the idea......)

On the 12th Day after Christmas my family gave to me:  

12 LOADS of LAUNDRY......(Jan. 6th)

11 candies eaten, I mean I just didn't want my kiddos to be tempted.....(Jan. 5th)

10 Anniversary wishes to my parents~on their 53rd Anniversary...(Jan. 4th)

9 degrees below zero~It's actually worse but whatever.....(Jan. 3rd)

8 tears I am crying ~ It's my last day of vacation...(Jan. 2nd)

7 HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! ....(Jan. 1st!)

6 Deadly singing moments for Mariah ~ spare us please!...(Dec. 31st)

TO THE LIQUOR STORE!!!! .....(Dec. 30th)

4 Pounds gained ~ yes, I drank and ate too much..(Dec. 29th)

3 High blood pressure readings for my dad, which got him a trip to the ER and an overnight stay at the hospital.....ugh! (Dec. 28th)

2 extra days off for hubby ~ lots more eating and drinking.... (Dec. 27th)


1 ticket to drink BEER ~ OUTSIDE!!
in MN......
(It's called the "Beer Dabbler"...local craft tap rooms and brew pubs will be OUTSIDE serving up beer to those who are crazy enough to buy a ticket and freeze their butt, fingers, and toes off while drinking COLD Beer....)

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 is history! (I am ok with that!)

(If you may have read this yesterday I had some cool quotes on top that I found and they are gone??? Weird!!) 

I don't know about you but I am ok with 2016 being over.  Yes, over all it was a good year.  No big obstacles or set backs along the way but it was a year of surprises and challenges no matter how one may feel.  

Lord knows I will not be able to remember most things from the past year.  Most days I can hardly remember the previous day or hourly activities.  However, I will try to highlight the memories that stood out most to me.

FUN February: Owen swam for the high school swim team and lettered during the Junior Varsity Sections in the 500 freestyle.

March to AZ:  Yes, hubby had a National Planning Conference in Arizona and I decided to join him on the long weekend away.  It was our first time to take a "real" vacation since our honeymoon and the sun was a wonderful getaway.

APRIL: Spring is here and I can't remember anything specific but I am pretty sure we celebrated Easter with an egg hunt, going to church and eating a few jelly beans along the way.

MAY:  OH, MAY (go away!) The very first week in May Nicole was sick and actually passed out twice in front of me.  We had a trip to the emergency room and soon discovered she has a blood disorder.  The specific name is ITP.  You can read more about it here.  It was a long and scary May only to become a longer and somewhat scary summer.

JUNE ~ JULY: I kind of feel these months went by in a blur.  Nicole was in and out of the hospital.  Another ER visit and over night.  Plasma transfusions and lots of steroids made up these two months.  Hubby and I hit up a lot of happy hours and trips to Detroit Lakes were mixed in here and there.

AUGUST:  Finally, we would take our first family trip to Wisconsin Dells Waterpark.  The weather cooperated and our family and friends joined us.  Turns out the trip included my cousins and aunt from Indiana and some friends/family from DL.  A total of 23 (if I remember correctly) hung out together for 4 days of water fun.  Hubby went back early with Nicole to head north for a golf tournament with his brother and nephew and the rest of us headed home.

The rest of the year was back to school, fall sports, a couple of trips north and a lot of mental anguish.  

My mind kind of spiraled downward after Thanksgiving and I couldn't get out of the slump I was in.  I don't have a great track record during the holidays so that and the onset of very cold weather didn't help much.  But, hey we got thru it!!! Whew!  

I did make a doctor's appointment and had every blood test I (and the doctor) could think of that may possibly be contributing to my ~ dare I say ~ depression.  AND wouldn't you know it every.single.test. came back negative.  AKA....there was nothing in my body attributing to my mind set.....guess it was all in my head.  No pun intended.  ;-)

I now know I am fine.  (Reasonably speaking hahaha!) I need to take control and make my attitude change IF I don't want to have it change with the use of medicine that is.

So its a NEW YEAR PEOPLE......It's time to live each day with an attitude of gratitude.  I am going to try to be happier for the little things.  

Sometimes the little things bug the hell out of me but hey, its easier to tackle the little things then the bigger things like sickness and death.  (Especially with all the celebrity deaths that happened at the end of 2016) Yikes! Scary....


Sunday, December 25, 2016

It's Christmas Day!

 Some cookies we made recently and are now gone.  On my star below I started to frost it and the frosting kind of fell accordingly leaving what appears to be a "face" on my cookie.  Maybe I have a "star" friend just wanting to say Merry Christmas!

And another quite pretty cookie that I received from one of my nice to get a cookie specifically for me!

Finally, today really is the day! Happy Birthday to Our Savior and Lord.  

I have always been a morning person.  But lately I have been waking up way too early 4 AM something or other.  Which kind of makes me upset because then I really am exhausted by 9PM.  Last night was no much as I wanted to stay up and finish watching a Christmas movie with the family I couldn't make it.

Off to bed I went.

And now I have been up for a couple of hours by myself.

It's hard being quiet on Christmas morning while the rest sleep.....ha!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today's the day!!! The envelope with ALL the tests results was in the mailbox............

Lets just start by saying when I saw that envelope I was very a little  nervous.

 All my questions would be answered in moments.........

Am I menopausing for REAL? 

Am I Vitamin D deficient?
Do I have a thyroid problem?

On and On and On.......

And guess what the results showed???

I am perfectly normal!! All my tests came back in the normal range and it even stated.........
You are not in menopause yet.  

What the?? Damn I really am NUTS.
In a good way I guess.

I mean yes, its nice knowing I don't have anything wrong with my counts but, come on people!! Can't something be a little hight or low??  Why does it always have to come back to ME.  

Simply ME.
My head.
My thoughts.
My Anxiety?
My Depression?

I hope you know as I do too that anxiety and depression is VERY COMMON!

I am going to begin tackling this "mind thing" by calling a family meeting and talking about it ~ openly and honestly.  I think the next time we may all be together is Sunday morning (while frosting Christmas cookies) I can't think of a better conversation starter than Anxiety and Depression.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like that!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When losing your identity you may actually find yourself...

Some of you just know what your want in life.

Some of you may have been planning your future wedding, job, house colors, and how many children you will have since you were a teen.

Some of you knew exactly what kind of car you would buy when that time finally came.

And some of you may have thought that being a stay at home mom would be the greatest accomplishment of your life!

You may be a little surprised to read this.....but, I was not one of those persons.  Shocked? (probably not)

I never thought about a wedding dress although I occasionally thought about eloping on a warm island in a sundress.

Car? whatever.

Colors? who cares really.

Being a mom? well, it kind of scared me to be honest.

I guess I never really IDENTIFIED with anything.......

Looking back I have always been kind of a mess.  But, I knew if I wanted to do or have anything I better go to college so off to college I went and I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education.

***I thought I may teach in Texas......................I heard its warm there year round.  :-0 ***

Fast forward to meeting a Minneapolis guy, moving only 3.5 hours south, getting married and having children.......yikes!  My life seemed to be changing so fast.   I loved it and everything about being a mom.  Sure we had our stressors now and then but we moved on.

Really fast forward to months ago.

I am hormonal.

I am having so many aches and pains.  I notice things differently. 

I think....... I think........I think..........I think waaaay too much.

Then I start to share my a way that I think I am sharing to reflect, to get others point of view, to confirm that I am not losing it. However, others say I am over reacting.  That I think too much (duh!!)  That I am simply being bossy. That I am and have always been ~ a bit hmmm?  I think a word that would fit nicely is REACTIVE?

I react or I don't because I have been told by EVERYONE that I have NO EMPATHY.

One states she wants to move out every time I mention she should clean her room or God forbid the bathroom.  Another yells if he has too turn off his phone or iPad (You tube) for a moment to do anything I may ask.  The last?  Well, she can get pretty upset when I turn off her latest recording of Teen Wolf.   Life is snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and so much more.


Well, quite honestly, I don't feel I am overreacting!! I actually feel that I have some empathy.  I think I have been too good.  There I said it.  I also think kids get everything done for them in todays world and its time they do some stuff on their we did or our parents did when growing up.

Oh and EMPATHY?  Putting myself in another's self to feel their emotions.  Yea, I get it.  That's why I clean dishes for you.  No body wants dirty dishes right?  That's why I bring home groceries for you.  No body wants to go to a cupboard that is bare.  That's why I do the laundry for you.  You want clean underwear and socks right? That's why I vacuum the house for you.  Although, maybe you don't even notice the animal hair on the floor or the bread crumbs in the kitchen?

All that everyday stuff goes overlooked these days.  How do I know this????


I come home from work and dirty dishes are piled in the sink while dishwasher sits there empty.

I come home from work with the laundry over flowing while kids are nosed to their electronics.

I come home from work and dirty clothes from a certain girl still lie on the bathroom floor behind the door from where she took them off that morning.

Water dishes for the animals are empty.

I carry in bags of groceries however, no one offers to help.

And when I ask for help and I am given eye rolls or grunts of a bear that has been disturbed.

Garbages over flow......who changes garbages in your house??

Not that I am complaining...I am just noticing.

I think I may have failed this thing they call being a MOM.

I have not taught them to "see" the duties in every day life.

I have not taught them that the little things in life are and some day may be the BIG things that break a person.

I am losing because my body aches. I am losing because I cannot get a full nights sleep anymore. I am losing because my mind is racing with random thoughts all the time.  I am losing because I am withdrawing from many activities if I feel they will take too much energy to "appear normal".  I am losing because I feel I am losing.

I had a doctor's check up and most blood tests have come back normal.  I am still waiting on two tests but I have a feeling they will come back normal too.  I have been reading lots of articles about anxiety and depression.  Even one called "concealed anxiety".

You can find the link here::

or another one here:

Interesting stuff......but, even more I am learning more about myself.  Why I am the way I am.  Maybe by losing I am actually finding myself a little bit more.  Heck, it took me this long to figure this much shouldn't take me too much longer to become the person I am suppose to be right?