Friday, February 24, 2017

Finally....not sure why it was having issues?????

Right now my blog is like my life .... 
I am having a few issues ~ with both.

I got a new iPhone 7Plus a few weeks ago.  
**insert smiley face**
I have been wanting a new/bigger phone for a while now.   Once hubby and I officially bought our tickets to NY ~for our trip in May~ I knew it was time to seriously start looking.  I had saved some Christmas money and used some birthday money and decided to bite the bullet and buy it a little early and I love it!!

Although I am a little slow ~ I realized today I haven't uploaded any recent pictures to the computer since the purchase ... became the day to do it.  

I am not sure why but the upload from my phone to the computer went perfect ~ woohoo! However, when I went to upload the photos to this post it wouldn't download???? After waiting 10 minutes or so and pushing THE button a lot more times than I probably should have ~ it finally worked.

(And they downloaded quite quickly if I do say so)

So ~ finally a few pics of my life lately...

This is one of many Valentine's I received from a preschooler....but this one happens to be my favorite (don't tell the others) the old fashion look with the trim.

 I went north last weekend to see my parents and family.
While at my sister's house she opened this bottle of wine....
The photo was taken so I wouldn't forget it.

When I asked Owen if I could take his picture in his "prelim section/state warm ups" he gave me THE LOOK....
then, he got up and gave me the side smile.

Good boy! 

Section "prelims" were yesterday in Rochester...
hubby and I went a bit before the start so we could have lunch there.

We saw a couple of billboards advertising great burgers at Newt's Bar and Grill.
It did not disappoint.  

 And finally a few pics from my viewpoint...
top photo Owen is in the middle sporting his black warm ups from top to bottom.

Owen still doesn't want to let go of his pants....ha!

And he is fully dressed again..ha!
(this time he is middle left ~ you can probably figure it out)
Owen is in 8th grade and has a typical 8th grade build ~ thin, not yet hit puberty, tall and lanky kind of build~ the guy in the lower middle sporting the speedo is in 10th grade and is our best swimmer...he has hit puberty and actually has the build of an olympic swimmer minus the height...ha! 
The difference in boys and their build is crazy..

Owen did swim even though these pictures don't show it...its way too hard to get a decent picture when he is swimming without a big camera and a nice action lens so I don't even try anymore.

Tomorrow is the section finals.
Top 16 swim in each event with the top 8 being in the Championship swim and the bottom 8 being in the consolation swim...the overall winner and anyone who swims a "State Time" advances to state the following weekend.  

Good Luck to all ~ 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

10 days in.....

That is I am officially 10 days in being 48 and YES, I have to say it is still going great!  ha! (I guess the only way it wouldn't be going great is if I were dead....that would be not so great....)

I feel I have definitely become more ME.  How do you ask??? Well, let me share.....

1.  In the past if something someone said or did really bugged me I may have become irked by it and let it fester inside by thinking and rethinking about it constantly.  Now, in a "Ms. Witi nice" sort of way I say something.  "Why do you feel that way?"  "You say I shouldn't judge but then with your are really judging..."

2.  I am trying to appreciate people for their uniqueness.  I know none of us like being told we are fat, ugly, rude, or have ZERO empathy....even if its blatantly true! Still I kind of think we know it to a fault ~ how could one not know when he or she is obese or how could one not see those who care and do so much for others compared to those others who still care (don't get me wrong) but just don't show it or may not do as much to prove it.

3.  I am trying to do things because I want to do them....not because others want me to do them.  Yeah, sometimes I tag along because a daughter may really want me to but if its a major NO in my brain then its probably going to be a major NO thanks coming out of my mouth.

4.  I am testy.  If you step on my toes I may just step on yours. period.

5.  Ahhh....well, right now 4 things is enough....I don't want my hubby who may be reading to be laughing too hard or shaking his head too much with all my disclosures.  ;-)

How about you??? Think about your life....what or how have you become more you lately??

Monday, February 13, 2017

I am definitely 48...

Not that anyone really cares but occasionally I change up the look of my blog.....since I turned a year older I thought I would change it look cleaner, leaner, older and more fierce.  (Dang I think I just described myself and feeling 48!!)


Seriously though.....this 48 thing is just fine.  

Yes, I feel older.

Yes, I feel wiser.

Yes, I don't worry as much about what other people think about me, my clothing choices, my personality etc....I feel freer.  ;-)

Time to do what I want to do because I want to do it.  Period.

With that said ~

I drink beer when I want to.

I would eat ice cream for breakfast if I wanted to.

I believe I am WAY more funnier because I simply am!

I am going to exercise when I want to...not because I feel I have to or should.

I will laugh more....because Holy Hannah, people are funny whether they realize it or not.  

I am also going to do things on a whim more.  (I use to live by my calendar and still need to a bit with kids in high school, jobs, sports, church schedules etc....but when the time is available or a day is open I may just be gone....bye to explore more!)

The list could go on...but I need to get to work...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today is my birthday.....

That's it for now

nothing more

nothing less!

Oh, I guess I can add one little inspiration that I read today...

You gain strength, courage 
and confidence by every experience in which 
you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing you think you cannot do!

Today I am 48...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's finally FEBRUARY!!!

Do you have a favorite month?? 

If I would guess I would have to think most people would say their FAVORITE month would be that of their BIRTHDAY month. Right?  

But what if your birthday falls during a "season" that you very much dislike?

Even if that month is the SHORTEST one of all....

Even if that month is known for LOVE, LOVE, and all things LOVING....

Even if that month celebrates 2 presidents that are probably the 2 best known and most recognizable ones EVER......

Even if that month is home to the ONE and ONLY GROUNDHOG DAY.....(tell me what other month/day makes national news if a ground hog sees his shadow or not?)

and finally ....

Even if that month can brag that it is home to the biggest sporting event of the YEAR ~ EVERY YEAR~ Yes, I am talking about the SuperBowl.........

I know right???? Who knew February was so cool!!! Shouldn't February be everyone's favorite month based on those facts!! YUP~one would think.  ha!  I would like to take a survey someday and ask people this very question....I would also like to bet someone that NO ONE would even mention February as their FaVoRiTe.

Simply is MY BIRTHDAY month....and it is NOT my favorite.

~ It is cold

~It is cold

~It is cold

But on the upside ~ it is very busy with swimming functions and other random happenings so I am praying that it flies by and bring on MARCH!

****On that note 10 days until I turn 48!****
 Family take note.....ha!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Holy Crap ~ time to get my breath back!!

Hard to believe and even harder to see but I have gotten out of so many ways.

I know exactly when it started.  It was Thanksgiving and being surrounded with yummy foods, family and drinks.  I enjoyed all.  We were eating, drinking, chatting and playing with the young nieces....the nephews are teens now and really want nothing to do with the aunties.  ;-)

And then, and I am being totally honest here people, I noticed hubby stayed on the porch with only a brother in law watching football most of the day.  Not much interaction.  Not much small talk.

I guess I thought he should be chatting with "the other family members" too.  I thought, "Its Thanksgiving and we don't see everyone over the winter after this so mingle with all more".

Weird feelings started to fester in my gut.  The next day we went shopping downtown and hubby choose to stay home on the couch...yikes those same gut wrenching twinges are filling my gut.....why wouldn't he want to be with us shopping rather than on the couch?

I kind of stopped breathing over the next few days....figuratively not literally.

I kind of processed his withdrawal as a withdrawal from me, us, my DL family.

I kind of went into my holiday/winter/ cold weather depression a little early and then I stayed there long and hard until the first week of January.

The mind works in weird ways people!

MY MIND works in weird ways people!

So how did I cope from Thanksgiving until January 4th or there about?????? By eating and laying around on every chair/couch in my house. No exercise. No veggies. Lots of ice cream. Lots of beer.

And where did that get me???? 


I was happy while eating the ice cream but now my pants are tight again.

I was enjoying my "down time" but now my thighs are more giggly.

I was able to bike for almost an hour with out feeling tired out but now after minutes I am breathing heavy.

I was loving vegetables and now I feel like I have to learn to love them again.

I was sleeping well and never felt that afternoon drag but now I reach for a "pick me up" at 3pm because I am tanking by 2.

I was very nervous about Nicole moving out and now she says she will be staying another year at least.

 WHAT A DIFFERENCE lifestyle and lifestyle choices can make!!

BUT, It's never too late!!!

Just like a switch turned on my unhealthy emotions a switch can turn them off too.  YEA!

I got through the holidays!

I got through the cold spell! (and yes, I know we are not done with winter but this mild week has been wonderful!!!) 

We are busy with Owen's swimming....meets, practices, carb dinners makes the winter fly so much faster.  Thumbs up for that!!!!

Hubby started talk of his Planning Conference in NY and he convinced me to go too!! (Always exciting planning a trip even if its not until MAY!!) 

We are connected!!

Others think I am not empathetic when in reality my mind feels very much for others however, my body language and words don't show it.

My weight gain doesn't mean life is over.....It's just time to start again!!

Dare I say, I feel happy!

My kids think I am crazy sometimes but I don't care.....I need to give them something to remember me with.  ;-)

I need to stop, look, think, slow down, relax, enjoy, do, and go.

Every little decision we make ~ makes a difference!!! 

I cannot wait for SPRING!!!

Choose wisely.

A little is better than nothing.

A little is better than the entire half gallon....(some will get that others cream)

Why today?

Why finally now is it clicking again?

Who knows....the mind is funny for sure.....



Time to get my breath back!!

life is lets live it!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What I posted on my Facebook today.......

WHY? In light of so many people questioning so many "things" these days I thought I would include I few things I still question myself....

1. Why can't I feel safe letting my child walk home from school when its within 2 miles and I may not want to pay money for busing?

2. Why do I hesitate when my kiddo wants to ride his bike to the gas station for a "treat" alone?

3. Why don't we show respect to people? Period.

4. Why do people abduct others?

5. Why do we support athletes making millions upon millions when others can barely make a mortgage payment?

6. Why do we "turn the other cheek" so to speak when SOME of those same athletes hit, get in fights, set a bad example to young kids with their words and general disrespect so often?

7. Why has college become so expensive that the average student often drops out or graduates so in debt its scary.....and yet, we support million dollar sports facilities to be built there and coaches to be paid millions to coach there?

8. Why do we give so much attention to actors/actresses who are being paid millions and TALK a good talk? 

9. Why don't we give more attention to the POOR and low income to help them out of poverty so they can walk a good walk?

10. Why do we have rallies upon rallies, marches, walks, etc.....when nothing seems to change and some times the simple act of bringing others together for a cause heightens energy on both sides, where words are exchanged, spit may be thrown, and before one knows it garbage cans are set on fire, cars are overturned, looting and rioting takes place?

11. Why can't we come together to truly make a change!?