Sunday, September 18, 2016

Apple sentence per picture!

 All dressed up and ready to run!

The bib she wore to school on Friday to remind others about the meet.  

 One of my views out on the course during a lull in between races.

I spy our girls in the middle in red during the awards ceremony (about 1/3 of the kids) 

 The girls receiving their honors for 3rd team finish overall.

Photo full of smiles. 

After its over I asked her to show me the meet t-shirt.  

Congrats Panthers!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Apple Jack time again...

 I can't believe these are the only two pictures I took last year
 before the Apple Jack Cross Country meet.  

(proof once again...Owen needs to work on that smile...ha!)

The Apple Jack is our HOME hosted meet.

Hard to believe it is the 51st Apple Jack this year too.  I obviously was not around for the majority of the meets but I have been a spectator, a volunteer, the fundraiser director in years past and this year hubby and I are the Course Marshals.  Where will it end?  Maybe one year we will actually be in charge of the entire event!!  

Bwahahahaha!!  (I can pretty much say with most certainty ~ that won't happen!!)

So today my mission involves this in very random order:

1.  Take more pictures while on the course

2.  Listen really well for the gun to go off at the start...(one of my duties is to start the 2-mile clock as soon as the gun goes off)

3. Do as much as I can to see that no "lead runners" cut corners or cheat....What???$! Would high school runners actually do this?  Yea~they may.  

4.  We have had mucho rain recently and parts of the course are pretty drenched.  PRAY that no one twists an ankle or a knee in a wet spot or God help us if a runner were to fall and break something.

5.  Enjoy myself!! It's suppose to be 73 and a partly sunny ~ We couldn't ask for much better!!

Until tomorrow.....when I will be sharing some pictures from the big race!! 

Go Panthers!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good thing she remembered because I just about missed it....

The first day of school pictures!!! Oh my goodness we have been doing these for years.  Always in front of the same door, always with their back pack and maybe with or with out a sibling.  This year we almost had to "fake it" and "take them on day 2" but, NO ~ whew! ~ Good thing Ms. Junior here was all ready and remembered....

5 minutes before they were about to leave I heard....

"Mom, aren't you going to take the 1st day of school pictures?"

Oh yea...

(just let me finish my sip of coffee, one more sentence in this blog, and oops-where is my phone??
priorities right??  ha!!)

I got them..not to worry.

Junior this year.

 8th grade and final year in middle school.

 Buds til the end...

She is leaning a bit but I think he has passed her in!

One week in and all is well.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Signs, notes, quotes .... when they don't do any good and when you need to act...

I am a person that needs lists, journals, tablets, and sticky notes.  In fact, I probably have way too many lying around the house and yet every time I go to Target I am drawn to the dollar corner and usually have to refrain from buying more.  

I write down quotes from books read.  I jot down notes that I want to accomplish.  I doodle tattoos that may be fun to have some day.  I have many "to do lists" that become just that...something to do at some point but never really get done.  

I find sayings that I think my girls would enjoy so I write those down too to share with them later, only and often once I do they are followed by an eye roll or a head toss and nothing more.  

I saw this picture on IG the other day and sent it to my 17 year old that has been reading more "young adult" books recently.  "Boys in Books ARE Better".  I told her that would be a great shirt for her .....I think she replied with a "thumbs up".  Guess that's good right?!

 I have notes around the house to remind myself and others in the family.  The above note is a nighttime reminder.  If the door is not shut all the way our dog will head down there while we are sleeping and eat the cats food.  He has been known to lick the bowl clean.  We know this because by morning his 10 pound tummy is bloated to a 9-month pregnant look.  (And the cats are usually meowing something fierce!)

 This is on the fridge....would you believe it has hung there for about a week and just yesterday I thought about it.  UGH! My parents live hours north.  It may be 2 days before they get something by mail and and now its Friday and I have once again forgotten.  What good was that note for any way?

These 2 notes are a bit harder to see or read.  One hangs to the side of our deck only to be "put up" when the bunny is out back so we don't let the dog out then too.  Oh, the heart attack the bunny may have.

The other is a new one.  Last week our new neighbor, whom we haven't officially met but moved in a year ago now and we wave to ~ from the back yard ~ as we mow or sit out back; came knocking at my door.  Kind of excited and kind of wondering why.....she introduced herself and then asked us to keep our dog in while she "works" in her back yard.  OOPS!?

Yes, our dog barks.  Yes, he is annoying.  And yes, he does this a lot.....its what mini dachshund's do to protect their family and to make up for their size.  She too said it was becoming a bit annoying....I apologized and told her I would.  Now, a sign hangs on our deck door to remind the family IF they are out back WE probably should NOT put Rudy a.k.a. Annoying Barker out back.  ;-(

When do signs, notes, and reminders just become invisible?

I keep my journals but I find I don't act on the script.  

Quotes lift me up for the seconds after I read them and then a cookie draws me in like a magnet and the inspirational "A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips" but a memory and the chocolate chip delights my lips.

I am sure people are making millions off many inspirational quotes that are framed and hung in offices around the world.

I see great quotes on shirts and I too have fallen for  their sentimental meaning....a recent favorite was..."Suck it UP Buttercup!"... so true, so true, and can be used in so many settings!

Maybe everything in life comes down to one of the first quotes I truly remember?

Maybe its not about what we read or write.

Maybe the Grinches heart really did grow 3 sizes that day?

Maybe ACTIONS do speak louder than WORDS?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Proof that I am not the favorite and my favorite .....

 Who would have thought such a small creature can do such evil damage?  Not me.  I mean the fur ball obviously doesn't realize that "thanks to me and my hubs" her life went from average to out of this world!!  I mean yea, we took her away from her other bunny friends, and yea she may miss the younger kids (who owned her) being loud and crazy OR she may even miss the extra 1,000 mosquitos that swarmed around the cage as it sat on the shady grass patch behind their shed but, really??????

She shows her love to me by scratching many parts of my body ~ these are the pictures I can show you ~ I didn't feel like showing my cleavage (ha!) and my stomach....ugh!  And guess what?  The scratches hurt.

The bunny duties are now entirely left up to Nicole.  Sorry Cole, but you wanted her and I tried ~ she has proven her love for you and her dislike towards me.

Something else that can't dislike me ~ unless I have too much of it and that is entirely my fault ~ is beer!  Enki Brewing in Victoria, MN to be exact.  It's about a 45 minute drive to this small little town and its simply lovely.

On a whim we decided to drive there last night when we realized we would be home alone for a few hours.  Enough looking at the walls and each other ....we would rather look at beer....and a flight of it.

Once we drank, ate, and drank some more we decided it was our way to celebrate our 21st Anniversary....yes, its exactly a week early.  Our Anniversary will be on Friday, September 9th but we will be in another city watching a cross country meet then.  Enki was the perfect "early" party for us and I even got a souvenir t-shirt too!

If you like craft beer and happen to see Enki's beer at your local liquor store try it.
We would recommend the Victoria's Gold, the Hootenanny Hefe, or the Red Ale...


Monday, August 29, 2016

Just feel like sharing my 2 cents...

Seriously, who in this day and age still picks up pennies when they see them on the ground?  If I did, I may have even more than two cents to share but, today while leaving the gas station I noticed a dime on the ground and I walked right over it.

It still kind of bugs me....there was a time when I would pick up any and every coin I found and yet I didn't today.  Why?  Who knows.....I think part of me thought "Oh, the germs!"  So many people have probably walked on the coin and think of all those germs!  (And then another part of me thought, "What would others say if they noticed a 47 year old woman stopping mid-step to pick up .10?" )

And now I think WHO CARES what others would think and thank goodness I didn't pick it up because I have watched Dr. Oz do the 5 second drop rule thing....on food...and the germs food can pick up from simply a 5 second touch is disgusting.  Imagine the germs on the dime ~ and who knows how long it laid there.

Whew!! Saved myself a million anxiety thoughts from the hypochondriac part of my brain. ;-)

**** I saw a quick headline on the internet about a guy who got 1 penny from 2.5 million people....???? Really??? How much money would that be??  Maybe I need to start a specific savings jar of "Only money I found/picked off the ground" and after a year I would like to see the total I would acquire.  Hmmm, I think I just found my 2017 New Year's Resolution...and this may be one resolution I stick with!****

And why is it that one day you can be SO productive and the next day not?  

Yesterday was the most productive I have been in a long time.  I think I was busy from the time I woke up until 7:00pm.  Painting, laundry, cooking, cleaning out the garage, gathering items to be given to the Good will and ending with a strength training class at the Y.  (Kind of getting tired just thinking about it again)

However, today I got up to go to a cycle class from 6-6:45 and since then I have been a puddle.  Yes, I did a few things but nothing major and really just moving from one chair to a couch to another chair through out the day.

Alas, things are about to change for the better .....I have a 3-hour shift at the Y from 4:30-7:30pm tonight.  It will do my butt good to get off of it for that time; play with the kids and catch up with my co-workers.

Hard to believe its the last Monday of Monday is Labor Day and then school and more specifically MY PRESCHOOL starts again.  Busy, Busy, busy!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Friday Features and Follies

Yes, I did my best to highlight the letter "F" (in the title) on this fabulous final Friday in August.  And since I like to keep it "freakin'" clean around this blog I left out a special "F" word which I could have used ~ because lately I may have used it in MY HEAD ONLY,  you're welcome!!!


The boy is 13 going on 9.  He so badly needs to school to start!! Ever since we gave him his sister's "cracked" iPhone when SHE decided to buy herself a new one he has lived on THAT thing.  Pokemon Go has overtaken his life.  From my perspective I kind of think the craze of that game has faded a little.  I don't see as many kids out walking or biking holding their phones and looking up, then down, up and then down again.

Not with Owen...he still plays it and he often enjoys playing it or any other random game on his iPad from the comfort of his bed.  This morning I had to MAKE him get dressed and brush his teeth..just so that he could run errands with me.  I know not what a boy wants to do but I had to get him off his bed and out of the house.


Still dealing with the effects of the pulled hamstring.  aka....he hasn't played a round of golf since the tournament up north.  Although, I am beginning to wonder if a pulled muscle can effect ones thought processes.  He has been more forgetful lately than ever.  Working, drinking, and retracing his steps to "Where in the world did he leave his specs!" has taken up a lot of his time lately.


She started a 2-year program on Monday the 22nd.  She seems to think this will be a nice fit for her with the smaller class size and focus on the specific degree rather than having to take generals all over again.  My hope for her is that she joins some clubs/activities so that she can meet some more people and start networking for her future job.

She has been the main caretaker of our new bunny - Hazel and as much fun as it is to have a new pet it is also a lot of work.  The bunny needs daily exercise and sitting out back with her while she is in her pen (to be sure she doesn't get out or a hawk doesn't come down and grab her) has become more tiresome since the mosquitos and bees tend to be out in full force.  UGH!

After being on steroids for 3 weeks she is finally being weened.  YEAH!  Her ITP did not take a dip like it had months prior so we are very hopeful that the surge in steroids jump started the body to "NORMAL" and not the "abnormal" roller coaster of platelet counts we were experiencing.

She has to continue to have weekly blood draws for a month or so and then they will cut back to every two weeks and so on as long as they stay within the normal range.


Her fall is in full swing.  It kind of starts with her birthday, followed by a 3-day "get away" with her cross country team for some running and bonding and ends with more practices which leads right to the start of school and homework!  ;-)

My hope for her is that she takes time to be free of her iPhone and really comes to a happy place in her life.  As a junior things can be very stressful.  (especially parents) Enough of waiting for others to come, for others to make a change, or for others to jump start for you.  My hope ~ find what fuels YOU, for YOU, BY YOU, because of YOU!!

YOU are worth need to visualize it, believe it, and do it!!


I would like to self diagnose and say I kind of was in a depression through June and July.  I couldn't grasp this ITP stuff happening to Nicole and I didn't like it.  I had many emotions and it seemed that I was the only one feeling those emotions.  Drinking and eating helped pass the hours.  (especially when I was alone)

By the time a family trip to Wisconsin Dells came around in August I was a little apprehensive if it would even be worth it.  Well worth it it was!!! I think I needed that more than any of us.  Nicole was on her steroids, it was fun being away from the usual house stuff and it was the first time having so many of us together which didn't Detroit Lakes.  Win, Win, Win!!  I definitely came back feeling refreshed.

I have since started working out again (something I also didn't do for those 2 months).  I am enjoying the classes at the Y and trying to make better "healthier" food choices once again.

Oh yes, I have had my beer, too many cookies one night, and an awesome patty melt another.  But believe me those indulgences are nothing compared to what I indulged in daily for 2 months.  (I think there was a week there where I had ice cream and a lot of it every single night).  Yikes.

Life is full of ups and downs friends.  Some of us seem to have more ups and others tend to receive more downs; its hard but eventually it too comes round.  

Suck it up buttercup!

We are all struggling.  Whose struggle is worse than another's is not for us to decide.  You have to deal with yours and I will deal with mine.  

Some of us need others to pull us up and out of the hole.

Some of us need our own self talk to convince our brain - Now is the time!

Some of us like to blame others.

Some simply say "poor me".

Suck it up buttercup!

Figure out what will work for you to be the best YOU and DO IT.

Now go out there and have a great weekend...its the last weekend in August after all.....enjoy it! live it! breathe it!