Sunday, September 3, 2017

Well its done.....

 This was happening last week....some boxes..
 lots of garbage....
and finally...

it was done!

Our oldest didn't go "off" to college.  After graduation she lived with us while trying out a local 2-yr. college.  She didn't find it to be a good match so she transferred to another school and remained at home while working and commuting.  

Then, she confessed to us ~ after a little stressful period of declining health and finding out she has ITP...a blood disorder where cells that should eat only "bad cells" decide the good cells are "BAD" and eat them too....resulting in low platelets.

It was a long spring/summer of 2016 but she finally figured life and blood out.

Now, she is happy.

She works full time and officially became a tenant at a brand new apartment complex approximately 3 miles? from home!! YEA...on all accounts....more pictures of her new place to come.....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I just read this from (In)courage....their "Sunday Scripture".....perfect!

Because of the privilege and authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning:
Don’t think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves,
measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.
Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function,
so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.
Romans 12:3-5 NLT   If you feel like reading the whole post just click above.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hard to believe......

 This girl turned 18 last Sunday and I just realized I didn't take one picture of her on her birthday!! (This picture is from last year.....) Yes, she has changed some but maybe we can just pretend okay?

Hard to believe another Cross Country season is upon us.
These two are gone on a XC "bonding" and "running" 3-day, 2-night trip....
this will be Makenzie's last year since she is approaching her senior year and it will be Owen's first official High School running ...pretty exciting for both!

 Hard to believe another season of fall is literally right around the corner...
soon we will be driving to Colorado to attend a wedding....I don't know how "fall like" it will feel while visiting but I am sure by the time we get back more trees and thus, their leaves will be yellow, red, and pink....

.......I don't know about you but I definitely take less and less pictures each year.

I guess I just want to be more "In the moment" with the activities.....or I feel we have so many pictures of running, of swimming, of apple orchards, get the picture???

I know they grow up but with selfies and snapchat I think they PERSONALLY have enough pictures of themselves to last a lifetime.  ;-)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Forgiveness?! Does it have to be all or nothing or can it be situational?

Sometimes I feel dumb, other times I feel smarter than a fifth grader and occasionally I feel intelligent (the latter is rare but it can happen).  Then someone does something that either offends me or hurts me and the word FORGIVE floats around my head....never going anywhere or doing anything except literally floating in and out of every thought and action ~ it consumes me!

I know, I know to forgive is good for your heart and soul.

but, sometimes I figure why forgive if there is a small part of my brain that "still thinks it's your fault"...doesn't that make my act of forgiveness wrong?

I like this doesn't excuse their actions!  Maybe that is why forgiveness is hard for me....because I think by forgiving their actions it is saying that "IT'S OK TO ACT THAT WAY" or "SAY THAT AWFUL THING YOU SAID".... and I am more of a "Say what's on your mind kind of person".... I do think that most things I say are truth.  Often it may be what others are thinking but obviously have better manners and don't say it and then my mouth just opens up and before I know it it has been said....I am not looking for forgiveness though.  I am looking for discussions.....
Tell me why you thought that.  

Lets discuss our views.

Lets share our thoughts.

Lets accept our differences....but, usually my conversations don't go like that....other people want to hold on too...its not just me.  But, a lot think it IS ME.

So..... after I make others upset by my words/actions;

Or others make me upset....I ponder.  I think.  I wonder why....and then I start to let them go.

Just a little at first.  I feel I take a step away.  Before I know it I have taken many steps back.  Now, weeks or months go by and I haven't spoke with the other or maybe my family.  I guess the feeling must be mutual and we are better off apart because we can't talk/accept/be comfortable when together?

Well, I can forgive for that!!!


That is often my problem takes time and yes, I guess I forgive or else I forget but, way under the skin, bones, muscles, veins, and heart there is a soul.

That soul remembers.

Certain emails, certain phone calls, certain situations never really are forgotten.

The peace is present.

Fun times are restored with some but not with others.

Life changes and everyone grows.....

As the saying goes ... something like this:
Some people come into our life and quickly go and some people come into our life and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY - Graduation Pictures ??? Why not!!

I don't think this girl was super thrilled with the idea of having her mom take  HER "Graduation Photos"
and only be using an iPhone?  

Really mom??
Who does that?

I do....why?
-because I am cheap
-because these pictures go in books or under a bed 
and may not be looked at again until your 10 or 20 year reunion
-and because grass is grass and a tree is a tree ..... no matter if you are in a backyard or a state park...the location does not matter nor does the amount of money spent!

With that said the following pictures were taken by me on my iPhone 7 Plus.
(I know they are not professional.  Leaves and shadows are part of my work ;-)
Natural beauty. 

Having fun with the hair... 

Love the effortless smile and natural look about this...

Check out those touch ups needed here!!

My phone captured this highlight!!

 And the final two....
Simply sitting on the edge of our back garden...
Just like her!

Oh, and Happy 18th Birthday to her too....
It's on Sunday (August 20th) ~ 

Friday, August 4, 2017

I've been productive ~ lazy....and.... vacay here we come!

FINALLY....I painted my bathroom cabinets and wall!!!!

My bathroom has bugged me for years and this year I not only got the urge to do it but, the energy too!! I didn't want to have to buy new paint so I used "old paint" colors that I thought would work together with the tile and went for it.

Can you see the wall? 
 It was red....

And now its a taupe color with brown cabinets....ahh, and I love the look of less junk on the sink...if only it could stay that way always.  ;-)

Next up...the kitchen island.
The cabinets were SO tinted because the sun beats in all afternoon on them and have done so for 20 years probably.  (I do try to close the deck curtains by noon but its not always possible and the cabinets had become so rough looking that I finally WENT.FOR.IT.)  

For starters it took about a week to decide on the color.  I just didn't know ~ knowing eventually we would get a new stove and fridge probably in black I didn't want to go too dark.  And you can see our tile is darker too.  But I also didn't want to go too light for fear of spills and showing dirt.  

Our adjoining family area is painted orange and all of sudden it just made sense to do it THE SAME COLOR!! The color flows and again we had it on hand so I didn't have to buy any thing new...I am cheap that way.  ;-)  


After a week of rest....because painting can be exhausting.....
I and Owen decided to go for a 21 mile bike ride....

Why I always open my mouth for these photos I don't know, why Owen looks slightly less enthused I don't know but hey we did it and it was fun!

Then we took a quick trip up north to visit a college with this girl.
Of course, we made sure to stop at one of our favorite spots for beer, chips and pizza!!

What's up next?????

A partial family get away to Duluth with some of the kids' cousins and my sisters.  As usual I think the kids are all WAAAAY more excited than the adults (or THIS adult any way...ha!) but hubby and I have found a couple of tap rooms that even got a few beer awards recently so I know the stop and or happy hour there will make the vacation a little more tolerable.  

Yep, What can I say....
sometimes a little alcohol takes the vacay to another level of enjoyment!!

(Nicole has to work so she will be home with the animals and holding down the fort....the older they get the less "family" trips work with everyone's schedule.  Good thing for family weddings in Colorado so that we ALL can travel and enjoy together soon!!) 

Friday, July 28, 2017

THE side effects of being a swimmer....good and bad ~ But mostly GOOD!

Summer. Outdoor. Long Course.
A tan and funny tan lines are bound to happen but when one forgets to apply sunscreen the peeling can look much worse than the actual..

 Tan lines.....
I have seen plenty tan lines at the ankles from golfers and runners but nothing compares to the tan lines of a swimmer...ha!

 When the summer out door season comes to an end the tan lines and peeling fades as soon as one gets a few medals and we try to recreate a certain "Michael Phelps" look....

And before the start of his 800 free relay...

 Below Owen just finished his 200 and he and his teammates are watching the second swimmer...
Individual races are exciting but relays and working together as a team is amazing...

Here Owen and Matt had just showered and came up to find out their relay finished in 7th place.  Top 8 received medals so they were happy to collect theirs.

And of course I was happy to snap their picture right after.
I would have liked all 4 to be present but the other two had already showered and left.

 Once we got home I had Owen get all his medals he had earned from the weekend and his relay to REALLY recreate the "Phelps" look.....nicely done Owen!

We can't wait to see what PR's you may get when the high school season starts in a few months!